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Keys to Planning a Scream-tastic Horror Fest

Posted on: July 14th, 2021

Gruesome creatures, blood, and horror abound. It’s easy to plan a scream-tastic horror festival when you have the right tools. You want to startle, stun, and astound your crowds, while giving them the time of their lives. Horror festivals give participants the chance to see different vendors, connect with like-minded horror enthusiasts, and screen new gory flicks. For those who dare to come, they offer an experience like no other.

Choose a Location
If you can pick a place known for their hauntings and horrors, you’ll already have a leg-up. Whether you put your horror fest in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, near Lizzie Borden’s home, or in Salem, you can easily take your festival to the next level. These places already have a creepy factor that a simple convention centre just won’t have.

Pick a Theme
Yes, horror is already a theme, but narrow it down. Will your festival focus on vendors and bloody looking foods? Or will it be a house of horrors delight? Perhaps you’ll do a movie festival and focus on showing the latest horror films. Maybe you’ll even give out awards for the best films in different categories. What if you focused on horror themes of old? Or horror out of the real world? Stories like Lizzie Borden’s can make for a real-life horror experience.

A Scream House
Maybe it’s not haunted, but you’ll want to create a house of horrors for your guests. With rooms that scare and startle any person who dares walk through its doors, you’ll create an unforgettable experience. How can you make horror-con goers scream? Give them the unexpected. Plan each room with the precision of a doctor like Dexter. Use lighting, props, sounds, and smells to create an unforgettable sensory overload. When they walk out trying to catch their breath, you’ll know you’ve done it right.

Why not release the newest horror flicks at your festival? Whether your festival is indoors or outdoors, you can easily screen movies once the darkness hits. People love to experience things first, and in the horror-con world, it’s a badge of honour to watch the best flicks before anyone else. Whether they are low-budget B-films, or high budget Hollywood horror, a festival is a great place to show any of these movies.

Horror-con goers love to dress the part. Vendors can range from gory food choices to new costume and makeup vendors. There are places that sell festival pop-up tents that are perfect to help vendors stand out in a crowd. It’s especially important to use a tent or shelter for outdoor events. It not only keeps the vendor protected, but it gives them a place to contain their products. Vendors can offer just about any product that would delight your festival goers.

4 Best Horror Fests in 2021
This year, there are countless amazing horror festivals to look forward to. These events won’t skimp on the gore. They are filled with fresh and innovative ideas that you could adopt from to plan your own ghastly meeting. Filmmakers and horror lovers from around the world will attend these festivals looking for a fright. If you’re looking for a ghoulish gathering later this year, check out one of these 4 incredible options.

If you want 6 full days of horror, including films, speakers, and exhibits, then plan your trip to Wales now. Abertoir is known for its international appeal and is planning for a large crowd this year. If you’re available November 2-7, 2021, get your tickets now.

Telluride Horror Show
Coming this October, the mountains of Colorado will transform into a screamy movie festival with films that make your heart race and blood boil. Submit your movies and mark your calendars for October 15-17. Get your passes now.

Salem Horror Fest
Salem is a fan favourite location for mind altering and bone-chilling horror events. This horror fest is no different. The streets of this Massachusetts city will never be the same. Come one day or come all from October 1-11.

New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival 2021
Film festival and convention? You don’t want to miss this one. New Jersey Horror Con has two sets of dates. Get tickets for September 3-5 or November 12-14. You’ll love the movies, the merch, and the market.

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