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Top Horror Movies Filmed at Colleges

Posted on: May 30th, 2020

Sometimes in order to relax you need to watch a movie. And what could be better than a comedy? Only college horror movies! In this article, we present our selection of the best of them.

“After the Dark” (2013)
The film is not completely one of the horror movies set in college, but it is an excellent student horror! A philosophy teacher suggests students of an international school in Jakarta pass an extremely original exam for survival. According to the professor, who is clearly not a completely mentally healthy person, a nuclear war awaits the world in the very near future, which means that no one will survive. Convincing his wards that a catastrophe is inevitable, an enterprising teacher offers young people to secure a corner in the salvage bunker. But the trouble is that there are too few vacant places in the bomb shelter, everyone will not fit there, which means that it is necessary to make a choice through an examination for logical thinking.

2. “The Faculty” (1998)
In this picture, earthly horrors are intertwined with science fiction: US college, where for a long time there has been a class struggle between the children of wealthy parents and students from simple families. Now, former enemies, if they are willing to stay alive, have to unite to defeat unprecedented monsters. But there is one problem: each of the planet’s rescuers can be an alien from another, hostile star, so the heroes should be careful.

“Faculty” is a kind of mix from a bloody horror story and not the highest level of fiction, without starships and blasters, but with a vivid example of high relations and banal truths that you need to love each other regardless of social differences.

3. “All Cheerleaders Die” (2013)
A tragedy happened in a small provincial town: several young girls died. What could be worse than this tragedy? That they were able to return to the world of the living! Sometime before the cheerleaders had a dispute with a football team about who’s sport is more needed and complex. The dispute escalated into a strong fight and conflict led to deaths.

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4. “Graduation”, (2008)
The school ball to mark the completion of the school was to become one of the most memorable events in the life of Donna. Together with her friends, she was supposed to celebrate the beginning of a new stage in her life, not even for a second remembering the nightmares of the past. However, everything turned out differently, and instead of fun, the graduation party was filled with the cries of the victims of a mad killer, eager for death.

5. “Forget Me Not”, (2009)
Sandy Channing is a success at her small-town school; she was elected class president. She intends to spend the weekend with pleasure but suddenly, one by one, her friends begin to disappear. It turns out that together they inadvertently “woke up” the vengeful spirit of a girl who died many years ago. Sandy will have to uncover the dark secrets of her past… before it’s too late.

6. “Crush”, (2013)
The modest, shy girl Bess finds an ideal boy in school. The choice fell on the best football player, the conqueror of all girlish hearts, Scott. Bess, unable to resist her passion, begins to pursue her idol.

If you are afraid of scary movies, then you better not watch them at night. For the rest, remember that it’s only the fantasy and the effect of surprise scare you. Take a break from writing an essay paper and have a nice watching!

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