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Things You Might Not Have Known About Halloween Ends

Posted on: September 20th, 2022

Although it doesn’t continue the story from where the second film left off, Halloween Ends is supposedly the final chapter of the continuation trilogy that began with 2018’s Halloween and continued with 2019’s Halloween Kills. 

Halloween is scheduled for release in October 2022 as Halloween Ends, and there is a lot that supporters of the Michael Myers saga may want to know before then.


1. Will Any of the Previous Characters Make a Comeback?

Characters from the first two Halloween movies have frequently appeared in the three sequels, and several well-known actors have taken on significant new roles. Star and executive producer, Jamie Lee Curtis, is set to reprise her iconic role as serial killer, Laurie Strode. 

Returning Casts Excite Fans!

Also starring in Halloween Ends is Kyle Richards, who first appeared as Lindsey Wallace in the original 1978 Halloween and reprised the role in 1992’s Halloween Returns. Andi Matichak, who played Allyson in the first film, returns as she does in the final chapter. Will Patton, who played Deputy Frank Hawkins in the second film, returns as he did in the third; and Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers in the original film and cameos in the villainous 2018 film and the 2021 sequel, returns as Myers once more.


2. The Mystery Deepens and the Plot Thickens

In the last act of Halloween Kills, Michael Myers turns on the town’s residents and murders them all, including an adult Tommy Doyle. Karen, Laurie’s daughter, thinks Michael is dead and decides to explore the deserted Myers house, where she promptly runs into him and is stabbed.

Will there be a New Setting in the Plot?

Halloween Ends will involve not only a time jump, but also certain real-life events, in contrast to Halloween II, which took place on the same night as 1978’s Halloween, and Halloween Kills, which also happened on the same night as 2018’s Halloween. According to the plot summary, the film will take place in 2022 and depict “Laurie Strode’s last stand” in a post-pandemic world with strange politics.


3. Popular Song’s Iconic Melody Will Still Frighten Everybody

Composer John Carpenter is a living legend in the field of horror film scoring, with his work including the soundtracks for Christine, The Fog, and the Halloween series. Carpenter contributed musically to the first three films in the series and better balanced the series for its 2018 continuation, and he is to blame for Michael Myers’ famous, eerie theme song.

Eerie Music from Carpenter Continues…

Carpenter will score Halloween Ends once again, following his work on the first film and its sequel, Halloween Kills. Along with his son, Cody Carpenter, he will be executive producing this picture and contributing to the creative process.


4. Finale Walks Down Memory Lane, Bringing ‘Nostalgia’ to Fans

The new Halloween movie, which debuted in 2018, erased the canon of all prior Halloween films and, instead, picked up decades after the first Halloween film from 1978. The reintroduction of Laurie Strode, that iconic John Carpenter score, and several flashbacks ensured that the new film trilogy would pay homage to the original.

The Teaser -Trailer Evokes Original Halloween from 1978

The preview for Halloween Ends shows that it is no different. A little over a minute long, the trailer echoes the opening of Halloween (1978) by moving from the outside to inside the Myers home, following the sound of a person awakening to Judith’s bedroom. After that, it cuts back and forth between the new picture and older films featuring Laurie and Michael’s fights, all set to the iconic theme song by Carpenter, until the last scene, in which Laurie stabs Michael in the present day just as she has done numerous times before.

An Inspiration for Acting in Horror Films 

As it fuels inspiration to many supporters, who knows, it may inspire fans to start their journey acting in horror films. The dream may take a long while, but finding small-to-large gigs without management will take a “longer”’ while. That’s why finding one in the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis’ Management is a stepping-stone toward your John Carpenter dreams.


5. Difference Between Halloween Ends and Halloween III

Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the third film in the Halloween movie franchise, was a disappointment to many viewers. The 1982 film depicts a doctor and his companion as they uncover a terrible mass murder conspiracy that will kill millions of youngsters on Halloween. However, series star Michael Myers is nowhere to be seen.

Despite Halloween Kills canonizing it with an Easter egg depicting the three renowned cursed masks from Halloween III (the green witch, the skull, and the jack-o’-lantern), the third film in the continuation will have little in common with the original. This time around, there won’t be any witchcraft involved in Michael Myers and Laurie Strode’s ultimate showdown in Halloween Ends.

Halloween Ends is a Never-Ending Story of Scare and Mind-Blowing Plot

When one of the best horror films of all time (or a direct descendant of one) gets involved in the resurrection of the franchise it spawned, it gives horror movie fans a warm fuzzy feeling. John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, the film’s stars, also act and produce behind the scenes, so here’s hoping that the finale of Halloween is truly unforgettable.

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