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Posted on: October 10th, 2023

The Quantum Devil, the new Lovecraftian horror movie from Crazed House and Redbox Entertainment, is set to unleash hell on October 10th, 2023. Directed by Larry Wade Carrell, the film stars Neil Dickson, Tyler Tackett, Tamara Radovanović, Edward Apeagyei, Ariadna Cabrol, Mehmet Cerrahoğlu, and horror icon Robert Englund.

In Quantum Devil, an international team of scientists is summoned to a remote location in Eastern Europe to conduct clandestine experiments in an effort to breach the quantum barrier and travel to another dimension. The four scientists, each with a dark secret, must confront the sins of their past while facing the dangerous consequences of journeying to the other side, into the realm of The Quantum Devil.

The Quantum Devil is a dark and disturbing film that haunts viewers long after they’ve seen it. The movie is eerie and unsettling, with a great sense of design. Carrell’s direction is assured and visionary. The film’s visuals are striking.

In a recent interview, Neil Dickson, who plays the lead scientist, Dr. Richard Cernovich, shared his enthusiasm about the film: “It was an amazing experience,” he said. “Larry has created a truly unique and terrifying world with Quantum Devil. I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

Carrell spoke about the inspiration for the film. “As I have said before, I am a child of the video nasties. I cut my teeth on the classics: Evil Dead, Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator, Society.” Screenwriter of two of those classics, Woody Keith, known today as Zeph E. Daniel, also collaborated on the screenplay and co-produced.

“The Quantum Devil is sort of a nostalgic homage to the mad-doctor horror/sci-fi films of the 1980s,”says Daniel. “From Beyond is easily the film’s major reference. But then there’s a period scene in the movie that is a direct homage to Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon. We’ve also got a few references to The Day the Earth Stood Still. And there’s some black humour that lightens up the general tone. It’s sexy, and there’s a great monster, played by Englund himself. Last but not least, we also paid homage to one of mine and Larry’s favourite horror movies, the Turkish Baskin. We cast Mehmet, who played the devil in Can Evrenol’s movie. The Quantum Devil is a fun movie.”

Watch The Quantum Devil on your favourite streaming provider here.

The Quantum Devil is the second instalment of Crazed House’s “Quantum Quartet,” a series of 4 movies all set in the Quantum Realm where giant monsters and ancient gods battle sinister men for control of reality itself.

1. Girl Next – Available Now
2. The Quantum Devil – Available Now
3. Never Ever After – In Preproduction
4. Dragon Island – Coming Soon

For more information on these movies and all things Crazed House please visit:

But be warned: once the door to the quantum realm is open, there is no going back.

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