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The Haunted Palace, Cthulhu, and Die Farbe: 3 of the Best Films by Howard Lovecraft

Posted on: June 1st, 2021

Lovecraft is one of the few twentieth-century horror masters who could come up with something truly terrifying. Not only do you want to read about his spooky worlds, but you also want to see them on the big screen, in movies made with all the power of modern cinema. However, this nut to filmmakers and game developers, clearly not on the teeth. Imagination is not enough to adapt the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, to be inspired by them to create something really scary in the online slots Canada casino.

The Haunted Palace
The first adaptation of Lovecraft, and, in the opinion of many fans, one of the most successful. The renowned director and producer who started New Hollywood have made a name for himself in the production of inexpensive but spectacular horror films, among which The Enchanted Castle is rightfully considered a gem.

Now the 1963 film may look more like a curious museum piece, but for lovers of Lovecraft’s books, there is a real expanse here – from the canon scene to the mention of the names of Cthulhu and the deity of Yog-Sothoth.

Call of Cthulhu
Surprisingly, the best, in our opinion, Lovecraft film was created literally on the knee by a group of enthusiasts who raised a microscopic amount for cinema in the amount of 50 thousand dollars, and is nominally considered a short film – it lasts only 47 minutes. At the same time, stylistically this movie is flawless.

Unfortunately, the film did not have any success, but for fans of the writer’s work, it remains one of the most beloved and canon.

Die Farbe
And finally – a rather unexpected film adaptation of “Colors from Other Worlds” from Germany. The stylization imitating German neo-realism is again used (no wonder, in his homeland!). The black-and-white range, in general, is ideal for Lovecraft’s adaptations, but in this case, this decision is also a story-based one – you can’t imagine a better way to emphasize the appearance of “cosmic color”. Maybe paint the world in crazy neon colors, as Richard Stanley did in the 2020 version.

“Color” is emphatically low-budget, stingy in expressive means, unfriendly to an unprepared viewer – and in some places, it may even seem boring and protracted. But, like any good Lovecraft film adaptation, you do not need to watch it, but feel it – and feel the horror of the unknowable.

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