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The Evolution of Horror Films: A Student Perspective

Posted on: June 23rd, 2023

Delve into the captivating history of horror movies and discover the evolution of the genre from its classic roots to the modern era. Explore popular films preferred by college students, their social relevance, and the contrasting styles of horror that have thrilled audiences over the years.

The History of Horror: A Quick Guide for College Students
From the very moment that the first horror movie came out, films from this genre have become an integral part of the entertainment niche. Captivating audiences of all ages, horror films became popular mainly due to their ability to evoke both – suspense and fear. As a college student who has probably grown up in a world saturated with tons of forms of media, you may be curious about the horror film evolution. From the very first horror classics to modern slasher films, the genre has certainly undergone a range of transformations over the decades. Below, we will check out some of the key facts from the history of horror movies and see some of the top motion pictures that college students are fans of. Let’s dive in!

The History Of Horror: Short Version
The roots of the genre can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was the iconic movie “Nosferatu” made in 1922 and “Frankenstein” (1931) that set the stage for what we call the horror movie today. These classic horror movies hooked viewers with eerie visuals, atmospheric tension, as well as professionally used practical effects. The tech progress was still to come; however, motion pictures of early cinema times started exploring new genres, sub-genres, themes, and supernatural entities. Just check out the fantastic work by Hitchcock, the good old “Psycho” (1960), or “The Exorcist” made by William Friedkin in 1973. Those superb Hollywood works pushed the boundaries of what was known as acceptable in terms of distressing imagery and gore.

Top Horror Films Preferred by Students
As a student, you may have noticed that certain horror movies have become immensely popular among your peers. One of the motion pictures in this genre that undergrads prefer to watch is “Get Out” (2017), directed by Jordan Peele. The critically acclaimed work focuses on various social issues. At the same time, it maintains a suspenseful and unsettling atmosphere. “Get Out” is a great mix of social commentary and horror ingredients that resonated with many college and university students. At the same time, it sparked loads of analyses and discussions beyond the traditional scare factor.

As for the other movie that undergrads like to watch from time to time, we should definitely mention the one directed by Ari Aster – “Hereditary” (2018). This psychological work provides viewers with an opportunity to dive into the slow-burning narrative that, step by step, turns into pure horror. The plot is focused on psychological trauma. At the same time, family dynamics turn into a thought-provoking experience that leaves a long-lasting impact on every viewer.

Evolution of Horror: Modern Vs. Classy
From the first horror movie to the present era of captivating special effects, the evolution of the genre can be categorised into two distinct periods. The classic era that started with the first movie and the modern era. The reality is that classy works rely mainly on practical effects, suspense in every other story, and well-known monsters like Frankenstein’s monster, Wolfman, and Dracula. As a rule, all those movies left a lot to the viewer’s imagination. This, in turn, built tension through suggestion instead of explicit visual effects. The most famous time-tested horror films are “Halloween” (1978), “Psycho,” and “The Shining” (1980). A lot of college and university students are fans of those good old horrors and don’t miss an opportunity to discuss the fantastic plots in their academic works. It’s no wonder that a lot of them tend to approach essay writing services like advancedwriters with “write an essay online by the plot of the movie” messages to craft supreme quality papers on their favourite movies.

In contrast to the past days, modern horror movies have embraced a more explicit and graphic approach. The tech progress provided filmmakers with a chance to create realistic works like “The Conjuring” (2013), “Saw” (2004), and “A Quiet Place” (2018) that prove the evolution of the genre through the use of plot twists, jump scares, and intense violence.

In general, the evolution of horror characteristics from the past era to the present time has been an unbelievable journey. it’s no doubt that the cornerstones of the genre are the same – provoking suspense and fear – the means used to create the motion pictures to achieve the desired effects have changed fascinatingly. Just like before, students gravitate to Hollywood works that provide social commentary, unique storytelling, and psychological depth.

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