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The Best Gadgets Used in Horror Films

Posted on: June 1st, 2023

Horror as a genre has a huge following around the world, as film fanatics crave jump scares, gore, and the feeling of anticipation that comes with the best titles. From the classics like Nightmare on Elm Street to the more recent like The Conjuring and Saw franchise – there is something to suit all tastes, be that a little tamer, or all-out terrifying. There are a few things that these films have in common – one of them being many of them use gadgets to enhance the storyline. We’ll take a closer look at them below, including video cameras for catching ghostly goings on – which you can purchase for yourself at as well as EVP recorders, and Ouija boards.

Ghost cameras
Cameras are used in a range of horror films, most notably Paranormal Activity, when trying to capture spirits and otherworldly creatures on tape. But these aren’t just used in films, they can be used when ghost hunting to capture images of potentially haunted areas. But whilst the cameras in the Paranormal Activity movies are clear and easy to see – there are a few considerations you may need to think about before trying them for yourself. There are various types of cameras to choose from to capture clear images on tape, depending on your surroundings.

For example, if you’re ghost hunting at night, or in a badly lit area, a night vision camera is essential to ensure you’re picking up the footage you’re hoping for. Or you could choose a thermal imaging camera – whilst this won’t show you exact images, it can show you changes in temperature, which as many of us know, is a clear sign there is an entity present.

Along with cameras, when trying to capture evidence of ghosts, using an EVP is essential. For example, in the movie The Conjuring, investigators use various tools to document paranormal findings, and as a way of communicating with spirits present. But it’s not just movies that make use of these tools. If you’re exploring an area which you think may be haunted, you can purchase an EVP to communicate with entities easily. EVP – also known as electronic voice phenomena – pick up any sounds that you may not be able to hear with the naked ear alone. These recorders range from budget models to high-end digital recorders, so you can choose the perfect EVP to help with your investigation and seek out the answers you hope to find.

Ouija Boards
Even if you’re just starting out in the world of communicating with The Other Side, it’s likely that you’ll have heard of Ouija Boards and how they work. As seen in the iconic film The Exorcist, Ouija boards are games used to communicate with spirits. Although the Ouija board is portrayed in the film as something that leads to Regan becoming possessed, the reality is different. Using a Ouija board to communicate with spirits allows you to ask questions and receive clear answers from the board and planchette. Always make sure you’re polite and kind to the spirits, and don’t play alone as this is not advised. Once you’ve finished communicating, make sure you say goodbye to the spirit to indicate the session is over.

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