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Review of Bates Motel Slot Game

Posted on: August 13th, 2018

The Bates Motel show is well written; its main advertising point is that it revolves around two standout performances. As Norman, Freddie Highmore does a beautiful job of forewarning the monster he will ultimately become while remaining charming and concerned completely.

As exciting as Highmore is, Vera Farmiga is also good, selling every variation of this sensitively balanced, controlling matron. Unpredictable and uncertain, Norma is wild, rash and irrational she hits Norman out of the car after he bails her out of jail. But, at the same point, she is caring, helpful and deeply helpless. She loves her son, but their relationship is unhealthy, and there are carnal undertones. In one scene, she prepares a candlelit dinner for the two of them. In another, she casually undresses in front of Norman. “I’m your mother,” she says.

Still, their messed-up goings-on is mesmerising to watch, especially when the balance is upset by the arrival of Norman’s older half-brother, Dylan, an anxious bad boy who finds work in the town’s illegal underbelly though he is also the one who tries to steer Norman towards regularity.

We all know where the story is heading, of course, so its evidence to everyone involved that we still find ourselves eager for a happy ending. The show isn’t just right, but if you can get past the idea of Norman Bates texting girls on an iPhone, then Bates Motel is worth checking into.

Psycho Slot Machine Game Based on Bates Motel
I was completely shocked to discover that NextGen Gaming’s Psycho slot is based on the classic 1960 horror film that was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starred Janet Leigh as Marion Crane and Anthony Perkins as the murderous owner of Bates Motel. Featuring one of the world’s most famous murder scenes, Psycho is widely regarded as one of the best horror films ever made, and NextGen Gaming is hoping you have some bloody good fun with this game.

Developed in partnership with Universal Pictures, Psycho is themed on classic movie of the same name and Bates Motel a horror TV series, and we have to say that NextGen has done fairness to one of the world’s most famous films. And while casino gamers will also enjoy excellent visuals, it is the fantastic sound effects that create a creepy atmosphere on the reels and seriously enhance the overall gaming experience.

The game is incredibly entertaining as well, with action seeming to be hitting at any given a chance. There are also multiple wilds that appear to come about frequently, and the best is the random wilds that show up when a knife cuts into the reels. I highly recommend this game to anyone and is great to play around Halloween.

A Breathtaking Story That Screams Thrill
Based on the 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock hit movie, this Psycho slot machine from NextGen and Universal brings you on a wild nighttime thrill of suspense and awfulness.

The background sets the picture; here you are outside the iconic Bates Motel on a night filled with accidental clashes of lightning and a fog-filled car park. The threatening house on the hilltop seems down over 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

The background of the Psycho slots reels is formed from the wet and dripping shower curtain, taken directly out of the famous death scene and has a part to play all through in one of the frequently occurring bonus features.

You’ll find the usual A-10 symbols all slashed or followed by owls or ravens to fit in the horror slot theme. You’ll also find a room key, an envelope of cash and an eye peeping through a keyhole, the adverse young lady and Norman Bates all as the higher paying symbols.

Play Psycho Slot
The NextGen name was published in May 2015 on desktop and mobile, and it is played on 5 reels and 25 pay lines, as we stated above. Marion Crane and Norman Bates are the two main characters from the original movie appearing on the reels, which also contain symbols.

How to Play?
The first thing you require to do is pick the favourite coin denomination using Bet Up and Bet Down buttons, with nine of these on offer in the $0.01-$2 range.

By default maximum paylines are 25, and this number is set, meaning that each spin will set you back precisely 25 coins.

Some of the additional alternatives available in the Game Options panel including spin, autoplay, gamble, max bet, sound, and info.

Strategy & Tips
Get wild icon to the replacement for any other non-scatter symbol and any succeeding win will be calculated by x2, x3, x4, x5, x10 or x20.

Also, wilds are appended to the reels and multipliers are raised to x2, x4, x6, x8, x10, x20 and x40.

Gamble feature can be utilised after each winning spin, with a right guess on the colour or suit of the next card double and triple your payout also.

Why Play Psycho Slot?
If you have ever watched the film or Bates Motel TV serial, or a fan of horror movies, or slot machines that make you feel part of the scary and exciting game, then this is a must try.

Much like NetEnt’s Zombies slot, you will need to turn the sounds on to fully get joy from the thrilling music and sound effects, which add that extra element to every spin.

A betting range or 0.25 up to 50 helps all varieties of resources play this game, but with its medium, to high it will need a decent sized one to hit the high rewarding free spin games.

Background and Sound Effects
The game starts with a black-and-white video series as a car drives into the parking lot of the Bates Motel, wiping its windscreen to take away the heavy rainfall while the vibration of thunderclaps make you fall off your seat. Even if you’re playing Psycho on a mobile device in a brightly lit room, it’s still quite scary!

The haunting music and thunder continue once you enter the main game screen. The sign for the Bates Motel flickers on the left, and straight away above it, you can see the creepy hostel on the top of the hill next to a couple of trees. The rain jumps off the drive, and the moon swings in the top-right corner while every few seconds, the whole screen is lit up by lightning strokes.

Most chilling of all is the shower screen that creates the surroundings to the reels with condensation drips running down it.

The symbols include the hotel, an envelope filled with cash, a room key, Norman Bates, Marion Crane, a keyhole and five playing cards symbols. With an extraordinary animation, at any point during the game, the shower curtain can be pulled back and more wilds stabbed on to the reels, or a slashed hand will come out to do the same. And not like the lady in the film in her regretful end, this time you’ll be happy to let Psycho do the stabbing.

Bonus Features of Psycho Slot
• Wild Symbol
The shower with the Wild logo in blood is the wild symbol. It replaces all symbols excluding the scatter. Apart from the wilds befalling in regular spins, Psycho wilds may be randomly supplemented in any spin through the slashing of the shower shade with a knife. Wins with wilds may be multiplied with a value beginning from 2 times and going up to 20 times.

• Scatter Symbol
The scatter symbol is described by the hotel owner’s insane mother, Mrs. Bates’ old house, and it’s the most valuable symbol of the entire game. It also gives ten, fifteen or twenty free games when it appears three, four or five times anywhere across the reels. Not only you can enjoy additional psycho wilds in the free games bonus, but you can also earn even more liberal wild multipliers of up to 40x. Also, you can choose more free spins each time that three or more scatters come into appearance.

• Free Spins
This is the only additional feature in the game, and it is triggered when you get three or more of the scatters symbols on the active reels. Landing three, four or five scatters will see you get ten, fifteen and twenty free spins individually. It is exciting to note that all the wins achieved during this round will come with superior multipliers of up to 40X. When the feature is active, an odd figure may request the reels and hack them applying a knife to score you more wild symbols for more smart possibilities. The reels will then re-evaluate to decide your ultimate wins. It can also be re-triggered if you are fortunate enough to land three or more scatter symbols through the round.

• Psycho Gamble Feature
This feature is arbitrary, and you can initiate it after any spin that awards a payout by clicking the button beneath the reels. You can bet your payout in a gambling game. You can try to guess the colour of the next card dealt. If your guess is correct, your payout will be multiplied. If you are willing to take a higher risk, you can try to guess the suit of the next card traded for quadrupling your payout. If you guess wrong, you miss the original payout. But if you guess right each time you can return the game up to five times.

Mobile Version
It is always a good hint when a software provider releases desktop and mobile versions of a game altogether as that means they have paid a lot of focus to provide gamers with a quality user experience on smartphone and tablet.

Psycho falls into this category as the game loses none of its requests when enjoyed on the move, with shiny graphics and appealing soundtrack making everything all the more attractive, especially with wild multipliers and free games feature.

Play Online Psycho Slot or Psycho Mobile Game
If you love playing psycho slot games online on your Android phone, tablet or Apple iPad or iPhone, then you are in profit. You can have fun on the Universal Psycho mobile slot with all the same gaming features, bonus features, sounds and horror graphics as online.

The only feature that is missing is the ability to boost your wins by gambling on the suit or colour of the next card.

It is Bit dark, but Worth the Jackpot!
The psycho slot is a brilliant addition to the NextGen Gaming variety of games, scoring on two counts in particular. It efficiently brings back memories of a landmark movie in Hollywood history and is now one of the best-branded slots from NextGen. It also has excellent bonus features and offers high rewards to players willing to carry on with the game for some time.

But if you have heart problems, we would not suggest this Psycho slot machine. This slot will give you a lot of cold panic during the game with its terrifying theme, but also gains in your quest! It is a genuine heartfelt rollercoaster that expects you on Psycho.

Psycho is a reasonably basic game but well designed to make the most of the theme; the shower scene free spins are effective, and that’s also where the big wins are. The RTP is a reasonable 95.57%. But what has assured us that this slot is a real little treasure is undoubtedly the machine’s mini-game! While your spins, you will be equipped to win extraordinary gains, by reliving the famous murder scene of Marion Crane in the shower! Overall this Psycho game is a fun and exciting one to play if a little risky of course. Would you expect anything else? So find a casino now and start spinning as you try and break out this video slot with your budget intact or 40,000 plus wealthier.

Keep calm and try to take benefit of this bonus to support dollar signs!

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