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Ranking of the Best Horror Games of the Last 10 Years

Posted on: May 26th, 2022

Throughout the years, technology advanced in its development, and so is the content it provides. The best game providers make use of the latest technology advancements. Besides providing entertainment, they are also exciting, and most players can find games that meet their gaming style. Though there are many varieties, some gamers prefer to spend their time at the casino online where they can hunt for valuable rewards while playing games. The best casinos worldwide offer their customers games from the top providers, such as:

* Microgaming
* NetEnt
* Pragmatic Play
* QuickSpin
* Evolution Gaming

However, for those who enjoy great storylines, adventure, action, sports, and many other genres, the choice is endless. You will be able to find tons of horror-themed titles on the market, as it is actually one of the most popular genres among younger gamers.

Here is the review of the best horror games for the past decade that will make your blood freeze but at the same time attract you to play more and more.

We’ll start with an absolute favourite:

Alan Wake
The story revolves around Alan Wake, who is investigating the disappearance of his wife in the Twin Peaks, a town of Bright Falls. The town is plagued by The Dark Presence, a shadow force with incredible speed and strength, the ability to possess, and invulnerability. Alan gets possessed by this creepy force while he was in the search for his missing wife. He has to fight his way through the town, surrounded by possessed citizens eager to take him down. Many Alan Wake fans and casino slots fans shared the desire for this content to be modified as the casino slot game. But since that is not yet considered, they are destined to play horror-themed free spins for $1 at different online casinos and try out their luck.

Even if this title was released a decade ago, people today still enjoy playing the game. However, Alan Wake never achieved the deserved attention and it lead to a financial defeat. Two years after the launch, a new game – Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, was released and received praise for preserving the core gameplay. Yet, that was not enough to satisfy the gamers, which led to putting off the plan for a new series of this content. Even so, it has been reported that Alan Wake’s provider secured the rights to Control.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead
The plot of the game deals with two characters on their journey, Lee Everett and Clementine. Made by The Walking Dead series story, this is a tale of the survival of these two men in the world of zombies. Telltale company is known for poker games, a few TV tie-in games, and the outstanding Sam and Max series. The franchise became so popular that it even led to the development of The Walking Dead slots, one of the most popular casino games in the online gambling universe. Three more titles were released by the Telltale company, which attracted many players, and brought the company massive popularity. The Walking Dead video game was awarded as the best horror game of 2012.

Resident Evil 2
The best remake of the game ever made belongs to Resident Evil 2. The title was originally created in 1998, and its remake provides the most outstanding graphics and mechanics in survival horror. Clare Redfield and Leon Kennedy are having a difficult task, surviving in the zombie infected Racoon City while they investigate the iconic police station and its surroundings.

The greatest achievement of this game is making slow and clumsy zombies a great treat again. These zombies might be slow, but also unpredictable. Being so hard to kill, it is not guaranteed that they will remain dead when they go down. That sometimes makes them wake up when you pass near them, which can be quite scary. In the second chapter of the game, the greatest threat appears as the big zombie named Mr X. If he appears, you’d better run because he’s not going to die any time soon.

Playing in the shoes of a journalist that investigates mysterious things at the abandoned asylum, this game will definitely bring its horror concept. Using only the video camera, and its night-vision mode to run in the dark, the journalist goes through this asylum and encounters scary things face to face.

You will also need batteries for your camera to continue your investigation. There are no other weapons, so that gives this game its true horror sense. There is a lot of action in the story, as you must run from zombies, or hide in various places until you can escape them. The graphic design is great, which adds a sense of horror to the story.

Dead By Daylight
Due to the multiplayer option, this game is a great option for Friday the 13th fans who love to gather and play. Four players take on the role of survivors, and they are trapped in random places on the map. The fifth player is a killer.

These four players have to figure out how to escape and survive, by working together. The killer’s role is simple – catch the survivors and kill them most violently. If the killer catches one victim, others then have just a short period to escape. The game offers plenty of additional content where players can rank their accomplishments.

This is one of the greatest shooter titles of all time. Running around the map killing monsters will be an exciting experience for players. You will be surprised at how different ways you can kill monsters with a variety of guns. The graphics are great for a horror game, and it attracts many players to try it out. The soundtracks included in this game are as impressive and scary as they can be. Even today, there is no similar title on the market.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
This game has one of the best gameplays. In-game, you will be in control of a man named Daniel, and you will have to explore a dark and scary castle. Solving the puzzles to pass through stages and hiding from deformed creatures will make you insane. This title is focused on survival and it will make you feel so alone and exposed to danger. This game is one of the scariest ever made. The graphic design is outstanding, creating a real nightmare.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn is one of the most exclusive titles on PS4. Due to its interactive nature, players can choose their adventure type, since they can make different choices which impact the story. It includes a variety of horror styles, starting on Friday the 13th in its fascinating tale that involves Traditional American legends. To keep your characters alive and make the best possible decisions, you’ll have to deal with a lot of unpredictable challenges that will get to your nerves.

Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game He is trying to finish his masterpiece painting but is always distracted by different types of puzzles in the scary mansion. As you go through the story, you will experience various mental states of the artist. Trying to reveal what is real and what is not, the mind games come into play. There are disturbing and scary visions included in Layers of Fear gameplay, and they will creep you out.

The Forest
When the plane crashes, and you get stuck on the strange island, you will have to search for food and make shelters as you go through the story. When you manage to establish your camp, members of a forest tribe will visit you. As soon as that happens, things start to get scary. As you search for your son, things get nastier and nastier, as you observe the remains of the crash site on the island. As soon as you discover the underground caves, it begins to look like Alice in Wonderland.

There are many attention-worth horror games that were released during the past decade. Depending on the gameplay style you prefer, this article can help you pick the game that suits your gaming needs. There are many survival, action, and mind-horror options available. By picking any of these games, you will have an unforgettable horror experience. But beware, as you might get stressed and scared while playing any of these.

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