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Jorge Ameer’s horror/Sci-Fi film “Altered Perceptions” Competes with 256 of the World’s Best Films of 2023 For Best Picture at 96th Academy Awards

Posted on: January 25th, 2024

The multi-award-winning HOLLYWOOD INDEPENDENTS sci-fi film, “Altered Perceptions,” written by clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Wayne Dees has shocked, challenged and entertained audiences across the globe.

Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival prior to opening in Los Angeles and New York, the producers and director, Jorge Ameer, are excited to be included in the select group of 256 motion pictures chosen to be contenders for Best Picture in the upcoming 2024 ACADEMY AWARDS.

“Altered Perceptions” contains some of the most shocking and disturbing scenes of any motion picture.

This provocative film, recently won BEST SCIENCE FICTION FILM at the 2023 New York Independent Cinema Awards!

This is the 7th Award for “ALTERED PERCEPTIONS,” having previously won Best Director award at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival – the 32nd lifetime award win for director Jorge Ameer, and the Best Original Screenplay Feature Film award at the Silicon Beach Film Festival in Hollywood – the first award for Dr. Wayne Dees Additional awards for “Altered Perceptions” in 2023 include:
Cult Critic Movie Awards – Best Cult Cinema Classic
Culver City Film Festival – Best Score Feature Film
International World Photography – Best Science Fiction Film Cinema & Photography Award – Best Director Feature Film (Fiction)

“Altered Perceptions” is the first feature film for lead actor, Oran Stainbrook, who was incredibly excited to visit New York for the very first time, and to witness his own image projected on a giant digital billboard in Times Square prior to the film’s opening at Look Cinemas. Oran has now starred in his second feature film “Love in Tahiti”, which is now available on Amazon video.

The producers and director made a concerted effort to include a diverse and multi- talented cast of “Altered Perceptions.” In keeping with themes relevant to today’s political climate as we head into the 2024 state and federal elections, this is a MUST SEE film for all who will soon be headed to the polls to cast their votes in a once-in-a- lifetime election cycle.

“Altered Perceptions” includes an amazing cast of ‘80s actors, including Lance Guest (The Last Starfighter – this film celebrates its 40 Anniversary this year), Eric Roberts (Star 80 – also turns 40 this year), William McNamara (Tracers – turns 30 this year), Academy Award Nominee & 1988 Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland, and a host of amazing and incredibly talented stars.

“Altered Perceptions” has recently been picked up for North American Home Entertainment release by specialty distributor, Ariztical Entertainment, which is known for distributing cutting edge LGBTQ+ content films. The film is scheduled to be released on DVD, Double disc Blu-ray & Streaming platforms April 2024. The 2 disc Blu-Ray contains over two hours of behind the scenes extras featuring interviews with the cast as well as commentary by the director.

“Altered Perceptions” has proven to be an immersive experience that will leave viewers asking questions about their own perceptions of reality.

So what do people think of this horror /sci-fi film?

We’ve searched for comments by audience members posted on social media and here is what we’ve found:
… Altered Perceptions will knock your socks off…
… a journey into madness…
… Intense, amusing, shocking, suspenseful, fast paced, thought-provoking… …an apocalyptic dark view of society…
… a unique cinematic journey…
,,, a thriller you don’t want to miss…
… nothing is as it appears… when the mind becomes toxic…
… will keep you guessing from beginning to end…
… this film isn’t just entertainment, it’s an eye opener…
… a stark reminder that sometimes the most compelling stories are the ones that echo the truth…
… ambitious and gripping experience…

Critics around the world have also been raving about “Altered Perceptions.” Here are just a few excerpts from reviews:
… it’s palpably terrifying.
… it’s more imaginative and bold than most Hollywood films these days…
… an increasingly suspenseful minkfuck that blurs the lines between reality and fiction, while asking the audience to think critically.
… It’s just as powerful and thought-provoking as some of the classic sci-fi satires “They Live” and “Soylent Green,” with shades of the “Parallax View.”
… It’s a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of mental health set in a post-apocalyptic world.
… a unique blend of fantasy and realism…
… The visuals of the film are breathtaking. The concepts, and the features make it unique… definitely an eye-catcher.
… as prophetic and funny as “Idiocracy,” yet as frightening and dark as “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
… a ripped from the headlines dystopian intergalactic supernatural thriller that parallels current events and the state of affairs around a post-pandemic world…
… There’s no dull moment to be found from start to finish. “Altered Perceptions” is spellbinding.
…It’s one of the most provocative sci-fi thrillers since “Donnie Darko. It deserves to become a cult classic. Prepare to have your mind blown…
… Jorge Ameer’s most shocking magnum opus horror, sci-fi fantasy… easily his (Jorge Ameer’s) best production to date.
… sports some of the best editing and sound mixing of any film this year.
… terrific, crisp editing and cinematography that creates a visceral cinematic experience… it is director Ameer’s most ambitious and provocative film to date.
… timely, sexy, sci-fi mind-bender featuring a strong cast

… the leads are exceptional, the sound design is immaculate, and the narrative is creative and original.
… screenplay by Dr. Wayne Dees combines political thriller, satire, sci-fi, horror and mystery in a way that’s audacious, enthralling, and gripping.
… (Jorge Ameer) brings Wayne Dees’ script marvelously infused with a loving gay couple, dutiful son, corrupt US Senator, biological warfare, a countrywide insurrection, that really does make January 6 look like the “tourists just visiting,” with a dose of white supremacy…

Altered Perceptions is currently in the run for the following Oscar 2024 categories:


Jorge Ameer

Dr. Wayne Dees

Oran Stainbrook

Danny Fehsenseld

Nominations for the 96th Academy Awards will be announced on January 23, 2024.

Find out more about “Altered Perceptions”

Official Film Website:


Logline: In a post-pandemic world, with the country devastatingly divided both politically and socially, and the United States on the brink of possible Civil War, things begin to further deteriorate when the perceptions of many seemingly “normal people” begin to change dramatically, causing alterations in reality and behaviors that cannot be explained medically – perceptions so deadly and bizarre that modern science cannot begin to explain it.

Synopsis: When suicides, homicides and mass murders begin to increase at an alarming rate, Dr. Joseph Feretti, a renowned neurologist, and his team begin to unravel what appears to be the root of these behaviors – rapid aging of the brain which looks like dementia, which is spreading worldwide. Those on the conservative fringe claim the disease if affecting only LGBTQ+ and African Americans who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. This misinformation quickly becomes a hot political issue, with individuals being rounded up, quarantined and exterminated. With political division at its worst, and our democracy collapsing, a man claiming to be from the future may be the key to helping us save ourselves.

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