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Posted on: June 15th, 2024

It’s been one of the most successful horror releases of a very dry year… However, now Michael Mohan’s Immaculate is on the receiving end of some backlash.

Whilst no one is criticising the content on offer, some fans have taken to social media to criticise the movie’s streaming quality.

One viewer posted some very muted screenshots and voiced their displeasure on X, stating:

“IMMACULATE is comically dark. I’m watching it in a dimly lit room in the evening and can barely make out what’s happening on screen. Why would anybody do this intentionally?”

In the responses, fellow viewers speculate if a mistake was made with the transfer, with one replying:

“It wasn’t that dark in theater so it might not be intentional. Wouldn’t be the first time home releases, especially streaming, botch the UHD grade.”

Rather unexpectedly, the conversation drew the attention of Immaculate director Michael Mohan, who chimed in and offered a rather disheartening update on why Immaculate may look sub-par to some. Quoting the initial post, Mohan voiced his displeasure with streaming services, and told fans where to go for the best quality release:

“I know, man. This was absolutely not done intentionally. We have no control over the compression specs of each platform. It’s a real problem that truly bums me out, and after comparing them all, iTunes is the closest to what we wanted/brighter than the rest.”

Mohan’s words echo a problem that’s becoming increasingly common with streaming releases. As it’s up to the service to render the property as they see fit for streaming, it often results in sub-par results. Sometimes this is done as a cost-saving measure, but often it flies directly in the face of how the project was originally presented.

A recent example of such discourse is Disney+ below standard presentation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fans were outraged at the obnoxiously bright remaster, that had been clumsily stretched to fit a 16:9 ratio.

Can articles like this gain any traction and stop the butchering of artistic visions? All we can do is try.



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