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How to Write the Best Movie Review

Posted on: December 20th, 2021

Most students watch films and movies as recreation, so when the professor assigns a movie review, the entire classroom buzzes with excitement. It is a different blend, and students are not used to it. So, the following tips will help you craft a movie review worth an A grade.

Watch The Film At least Once
The first step of writing a review on anything is reading or watching it. If you have a busy schedule and cannot take 2 to 3 hours out of your day to watch a movie, you should hire professionals from a write my essay online service.

These services exist to share your academic burden and high-quality craft essays for you. While you are busy with a job or meeting deadlines, expert authors compose an essay that meets all the document requirements set by your college. Moreover, if you choose a reliable service, you do not have to worry about plagiarism. They will research the topic thoroughly beforehand and allow you to make any revisions to meet your expectations.

If you choose to do the assignment yourself, then you should begin this process by watching the movie at least once. You should remove any distractions and focus all your attention on the film the first time you watch it.

It will help understand the storyline and identify the purpose of the film. Throughout the story, you need to consider the characters and their personalities and roles, essential for film review writing.

Start With a Hook
A film review in college is an academic assignment and has three parts an essay does. It would be best if you started with an introduction. The introductory paragraph has to capture the reader’s attention and is the first chance you get to set your work apart from the others.

It would help to start it off with an idiom, joke, or rhetorical question to hook the reader. For a movie review, you can summarize the movie or its central theme. It would be best if you added a thesis statement. The purpose of the thesis statement is to give the reader an insight into what to expect.

The next part is the main body, in which you elaborate on the storyline, characters and add your thoughts and opinions. After the main body, you end the paper with the conclusion. The conclusion should align with the thesis statement and avoid introducing a new element in this paragraph. You can read pre-written college essays samples to help understand how to align the thesis statement with the conclusion.

Find Your Voice
An important tip for how to write a movie review is not to shy away from the technicalities. Many students will only write about the plot in their papers without mentioning factors like;

  • The cinematography,
  • The direction.

They tend to avoid such topics as they are not experts about these aspects.

The best part is that you do not need to be an expert in writing about it. All you need to do is study the basics of these topics and incorporate them in any you see fit. Find your voice and use the movie to support your claims. If you talk about the direction, you can mention how the director used a similar style in another film.

You can write about the sound and special effects like CGI. The number of science-fiction movies has increased, and it provides a golden opportunity to compare and contrast the types of editing and storylines.

Establish Your Opinion
If you search for tips on how to write a film critique, the first one is always to establish your own unique opinion and build the essay around it. The majority of reviews online either sway one way to the other, so there is little diversity in them. If you present your own opinion, it will be more genuine and stand out to the reader.

The movie is your biggest asset, as you can use it to support your perspective. For example, if you mention how a character has changed, you can write about body language differences in similar situations.

In the main body, you can also elaborate upon the purpose of the film and if you think it was achieved or not. You can also evaluate how the plot unfolded by analyzing the film. In conclusion, you can also recommend whether the film is worth the money. However, do not end the review on just the recommendation. Tie the whole paper together by creating synergy within the introduction and conclusion.

No Spoilers!
When writing a film review, the rookie mistake is that a student will start with a major spoiler. It takes away any element of surprise you could have used to build anticipation. Moreover, when readers know a big chunk of the plot, they will get bored quickly and may not even read the complete document.

If mentioning a major plot twist is necessary, you may use vague wording and not write about every detail of the scene; however, if you are writing a review for the audience who has watched the movie, you should write a spoiler warning at the top.

Repeat Viewings Can Be Helpful
You cannot write a good review if you have watched the film just once. Several viewings will help you identify subtle dialogues and gestures that you may have overlooked the first time. Moreover, it allows you to focus on a different character each time, enabling you to understand their development completely.

It would be best to devote all your focus and attention to the movie during the first viewing. For the second and third viewing, keep a notepad in hand and jot down every point that seems relevant or worth mentioning, whether the plot or cinematography.

Another tip is always to proofread the assignment before you submit it. It will help spot any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Be sure to add in-text citations and references where necessary to give credit where it’s due. As it is an academic assignment, the reference style throughout the paper should be kept the same, whether APA or MLA.

Movie reviews are a more creative form of academic essay. Instead of writing a dull report on some academic topic, you get to mix entertainment and leisure with academia. The thrill of doing something you enjoy and working on it acts as a motivator to all students. You can enjoy this unique mix with these tips while getting a good grade.

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