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Posted on: March 3rd, 2016

EmilyBooth-HClogo-2Last month was a big one on the Horror calendar with ‘Women In Horror Month’ celebrating it’s 7th year and as I write FrightFest Glasgow unleashing gallons of the good stuff on the jolly Glaswegians over the last few days in February. With that in mind we at Horror Channel thought we’d make March a big one for fans of the small screen too with our brand new season LAUGH OR DIE!

At once a paradox and a perfect marriage this genre mash up sees horror and comedy come together in one big clash of the titans and we’ve picked four superb titles to make your Saturday nights in March one hell of a good scream.

GRABBERS a network premiere Saturday 5th March 10:55 pm
First up comes the unmissable Irish tentacle – fest Grabbers. I remember when this premiered at FrightFest and it went down so well, the entire crowd was loving it and you will too. Set in a small Irish fishing town a meteorite crash brings with it alien creatures….heard it all before right? Wrong….! This freaky looking tentacled squid has one weakness and, it just so happens to be alcohol. It cannot digest drunk people’s blood. With brilliant characters, impressive creature effects and a tight funny script get the bevvys in and join us for the best lock in ever!

IDLE HANDS a network premiere Saturday 12th March 10.55pm
The following Saturday comes IDLE HANDS starring Final Destination’s Devon Sawa in the leading role of this 90’s slacker comedy horror. A lazy teenager wakes one Halloween to find his right hand possessed by a homicidal maniac. I mean – really a teenage boy is the last person this should happen to and of course various bottom-pinchings, as well as a few murders ensue. Also starring Seth Green and Jessica Alba this will take you right back to those comedies with 90’s charm.

ZOMBIE STRIPPERS a network premiere Saturday 19th March 10:55 pm
Now I like to think I have good intelligent taste in horror movies but I know how much the boys love a bit of pointless nudity! I have to say this film pretty much ticks every box of every fan boy – and quite a few girls too! Robert Englund, hot strippers, Jenna Jameson and slobbering zombies. Quite an intoxicating mix. They might be ‘beautiful’ but they’re literally brain dead!

DOGHOUSE a network premiere Saturday 26th March 10:55 pm
The climax of the season sees DOGHOUSE take the reigns of Laugh or Die, and I have to say this is one very funny, very British flick with a unique spin on the battle of the sexes. A group of lads all with their own problems with ‘women’ head to a small village for male bonding but instead find a ghost town where the female villagers have been turned into man – hating messed up zombies, or in this case ‘Zombirds.’ Without too much self promotional waffle, I take on the role of lead Zombird ‘The Snipper’ (previous local hairdresser) and let’s just say ‘get ready for the snip!’

Emily Booth-9So, if you don’t laugh your head off, we’ll do it for you. Throw taste and political correctness out of the window for this one and just have fun with Horror Channel Saturday nights at 10:55 pm and don’t miss my unique movie introductions to each of the premieres! Join the banter on twitter using #laughordie

But that’s not all as Friday nights in March also feature a movie premiere, my top two favourites are Chris Smith’s BLACK DEATH, and Irish Ghost story THE CANAL….

Director Chris Smith has done a lot for cool almost mainstream UK Horror and is a firm member of the British splatpack! (Neil Marshall and Jake West are gang members too) A strikingly different film from his previous Severance Creep and Triangle offerings, BLACK DEATH is pure grim hellish nastiness all wrapped up in a bubonic plague Britain. Yes the budget for this one must have been pretty good! Eddie Redmayne stars as a monk searching for a witch in a faraway village who, rumour has it, can ward off the plague and bring its previous victims back from the dead. Gross. Also starring “Game of Thrones” leads Sean Bean and Carice Van Houten

My other top pick this month is a moody Irish ghost story that follows film archivist David on a downward spiral of mental breakdown, grief and paranoia as his life goes from bad to worse. He discovers his new home he shares with his beautiful wife and son was the site of a horrific murder, and with his wife having an affair and now missing, he is the prime suspect. Is history repeating itself? Is there a malevolent force at play and who the hell would believe him if there is? Starring Hellboy’s Rupert Evans and Sightseers’ Steve Oram this is a slow burn with a powerful punch.

Also check out religious thriller starring Rufus Sewel WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES gets its UK TV Premiere Friday 18th 9:00 pm and the UK TV premiere of DARK HOUSE starring Tobin Bell 11th March 10:45 pm.

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