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EVIL NEXT DOOR Game reveal Trailer launches

Posted on: April 23rd, 2022

“Most survival games are about action-heroes as this approach allows us to feel stronger than we really are. But this power fantasy of playing as Bear Grylls, Rambo or Ed Stafford is quite artificial and lacks any real emotional journey of a survivor. It’s much more interesting and authentic to follow a story of someone like Juliane Koepcke who has no superpowers or bushcraft skills. In our case we chose an urban setting as it is even closer to what people know and understand. It’s quite easy and thrilling to immerse in a story about common folk that live peacefully in a rural town until someday their world was crushed cruelly and instantly by an external force like a natural disaster, a war or an epidemic. It’s something that we’re afraid of in real life”. – says Jigsaw, the game director of Evil Next Door. – “ Our characters are someone you understand in a situation that you can easily imagine, so you will be able to make decisions based on your own knowledge, common sense and moral compass. That will make our game a great generator of really emotional and convincing stories”.

Ensk Studio is happy to announce Evil Next Door, a new game focused on the survival of a group of civilians in a small post-Soviet town cut off from the outside world because of a deadly disease outbreak. The player can switch between several characters, gather food and fuel and defend from marauders to make sure that the group survives and hopefully escapes Ensk. Sometimes he or she meets other people playing online and intervenes in their activities or even invites them to take cover in the player’s shelter. Evil Next Door is developed for PC by the Ensk Studio team.

Evil Next Door is a story about civilians that one day wake up and realize that they are now trapped in hell. It’s easy to survive if you are a special forces soldier. But what about a TV presenter, a grocery store cashier or a pensioner? A school girl might find an assault rifle, but she might be too weak to handle it properly. The player determines how to use the strengths of each character on the team to get everyone to last at least one more day in Ensk. This won’t be easy, especially because character deaths in Evil Next Door are permanent.

Evil Next Door wishlists on Steam are already open, take a look at the game reveal trailer here:

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