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Posted on: November 1st, 2023

This past week was National Horror Movie Day… Yes, there is such a day!

To celebrate, Sony Pictures went all-out with their promotion for the upcoming Eli Roth slasher Thanksgiving. Paying tribute to some classics that paved the way, we got four new teaser posters that aped the designs of some iconic slashers of yester-year.

First up, we got a take on the famous poster for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, replacing the iconic tagline with “Who will be tagged and what will be left of them?”

Next, the poster for the original Friday the 13th is perfectly recreated, replacing the faces in the familiar silhouette with our Thanksgiving cast members. A tagline promises “They were tagged, they are next, and on Thanksgiving, all will be carved!”

Moving up one year, My Bloody Valentine gets the tribute treatment, with the Pilgrim standing in for psychotic miner Harry Warden.

Finally, 1984’s Silent Night, Deadly Night gets a send-up in a perfect recreation of the original poster. Our pilgrim has disappeared down a chimney as his axe hangs over the edge, a tagline warns;
“You’ve made it through Halloween, now try and survive Thanksgiving! He tags you when you’re naughty!”

These delightful posters come as writer-director Eli Roth teased in a short clip what to expect from the film. Speaking with evident pride, Roth had the following to say:
“Growing up, I dreamed of writing a slasher movie that would be like Scream or Halloween. One of these “guessing who the killer is,” that’s incredibly scary, but also fun… with fantastic kills. And… this is it!”

Speaking of his hopes for the film, Roth shared a clear sense of optimism that his movie would become a holiday staple and feature some truly iconic slasher moments:
“Any time we do a death, we try to truly make it a classic kill. We take it very seriously, it’s like a badge of honour for us. This is a movie, you go see opening night, so no one spoils it, and you scream. This has to be the movie that, if I never make another film, it doesn’t matter. I made this one, that’s enough.”

Thanksgiving opens on November 17th exclusively in theatres, and you can check out Roth’s statements in the short clip below:

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