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5 New and Scary Horror Thrillers of 2024 to Watch if You Like ‘Abigail’

Posted on: May 4th, 2024

From blood-soaked vampires to psychological dramas and supernatural mysteries, the 2024 horror genre has been a terrific experience that keeps on terrifying, at least when it comes to theater releases.

Abigail is the latest release in the 2024 catalog of horror films, with audiences on the edges of their seats with hearts pounding in anxious terror.

What’s With Abigail?
Released on 19th April, the film follows a group of criminals who are tasked with babysitting a young ballerina girl kidnapped from a dangerous crime lord in exchange for a fifty million dollar ransom.

All they have to do is stay with the girl, Abigail, played by Alisha Weir, in a secluded mansion overnight, after which they will collect the bounty. This seems like an effortless task for such a massive bounty, but it doesn’t raise concerns until later when the suspense and tension escalate in a balletic twist.

The captors start to disappear one by one, and to their horror, they discover that the young lady is no ordinary girl but a bloodthirsty vampire who is out hunting.

The $50 million bounty on Abigail proves elusive and even more high-stakes than the top jackpot from the best online casino. The seemingly average 12-year-old, now a vicious vampire, threatens any hope of becoming a millionaire.

Abigail manages to dance meticulously between horror and comedy thanks to its wacky high concept and stellar ensemble cast, which made the watching experience scarily good. Besides Abigail, five other big-screen thrillers and chillers will make for a terrifying watch.


1. Immaculate

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney plays Cecilia, a devoted American nun who embarks on a spiritual journey to a remote convent in Italy. She receives a warm welcome in her new home, but, as you’d expect, things quickly turn sinister once she starts uncovering dark secrets and horrors hidden within the convent’s walls.

Immaculate combines all the religious scares you can think of and pumps them up with some deliriously bloody and gory scenes that give it an R rating. It’s one of those films that evokes “The Nun” vibes and is a must-watch!


2. Late Night With the Devil

The Exorcist (1973) remains hands down one of the greatest horror films of all time, exploring the realm of demonic possession.

Many films have been inspired by the film’s tapping into possession and exorcising themes. Still, only a handful have been able to do it, including Aussie siblings Colin and Cameron Cairnes.

In their film Late Night With the Devil, a late-night TV interview show goes wrong after Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian) invites an allegedly possessed young girl onto the show.

A simple act meant to boost ratings turns into a nightmare as the girl unleashes evil terror onto the set and everyone else watching the show from home. What happens next is better experienced than imagined. Time to grab your ticket!


3. Lisa Frankenstein

Zelda Williams nailed it with her feature-length directorial debut, earning her an 81% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s easy to see why her film was a success; take a campy eighties romance and horror film and give it a humour-filled modern sensibility, and you will come up with Lisa Frankenstein.

The horror rom-com follows a misunderstood teenage goth girl named Lisa (played by Kathryn Newton) who is still grieving the tragic death of her mother.

She accidentally reanimates a Victorian-era corpse with lightning and forms a unique bond with him. Lisa and her handsome corpse embark on a darkly comedic journey to find love, happiness, and maybe even a few missing body parts. This is your movie if you are into the classic 80’s entertainment vibe.


4. Cuckoo

Seventeen-year-old American girl Gretchen (played by Hunter Schafer, known for her breakout role as Jules Vaughn in the hit HBO series “Euphoria”) reluctantly moves to live with her estranged father at a seemingly idyllic resort nestled in the German Alps.

However, not everything is as it seems in the new abode. Soon enough, Gretchen starts to experience strange noises and visions.

Slowly but surely, she uncovers a shocking secret about her family’s past. As the line between reality and illusion blurs, Gretchen must confront the unsettling truth about her family history and the hidden horrors lurking within the picturesque resort. Fans of psychological thrillers will undoubtedly love this!


5. Destroy All Neighbours

Last but not least when it comes to some scary humour is Destroy All Neighbours. Jonah Ray plays William Brown, a struggling prog-rock musician who finds his creative process hampered by his noisy neighbour, Vlad (Alex Winter).

Driven to the brink, William confronts Vlad, leading to a fatal accident. William accidentally kills Vlad, setting off a chain of events that throws his life into nightmarish chaos.

Desperate to cover up the murder, William attempts to dispose of Vlad’s body. However, his attempts backfire, resulting in a spree of accidental deaths and the creation of undead corpses.

The corpses begin to torment William, and he soon realises that he killed the neighbour from hell! Again, this perfectly created high-concept thriller film is a must-watch!

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