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4 Horror Films With Unexpected Endings

Posted on: November 22nd, 2019

From Carrie (1976) to Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), there have been many popular and classic horror films that have been released over the years. Some have very predictable and typical endings where some really shock audiences with an unexpected twist. As the film industry continues to grow, many people have taken a keen interest in horror movies. Fans can buy t-shirts based on their favourite horror movies and even play horror video games too. Now there are even many online casinos like that feature film-inspired slot games.

When watching a horror film today, one thing that is expected is a shocking or unexpected ending. Twist endings and horror movies go hand in hand. With so many horror films being released over the years, it is sometimes difficult to now create a film with an ending that film fans haven’t seen before. These days filmmakers have to think outside the box to create unexpected and unpredictable twists that will wow audiences. Here are just some interesting horror films and their unexpected endings to check out this year:

The Mist , 2007

The Mist (2007) is an adaptation from one of Stephen King’s books by the same name Produced and directed by Frank Darabont, the movie was both brutal and brilliant to watch. The film created a great ending as no one really expected it to end that way. The ending left everyone in awe and most people were really caught off guard. The fact that nobody ever saw it coming marks it as an interesting unexpected film ending.

After the people watching their town being engulfed in the mist full of lovecraftian creatures, the residents decide to kill themselves and spare themselves from the gruesome tearing of the beasts. The ending feature a child that was sleeping unknowing that the father has planned to kill him. The kid wakes up only to see the father pointing a gun at him. After the shot, the father (David Drayton) sees the cavalry arrives and the monsters are killed by the military.

Sleepaway Camp, 1983

This is an old fashioned teem horror movie with a drastic end. The final is what made the movie great and for it later to become a cult film with a massive following. The movie ends with a funny yet strange reveal. The mousy teenager named Angela is revealed as the murderer and she is actually her brother as well. The real teen Angela died years ago, but the brother decided to steal her identity. He was forced into being raised as a girl by his dysfunctional aunt. Peter is revealed to be Angela through a creepy frontal nude scene down by the lake as he holds a head in his hand.

The Skeleton Key, 2005

Kate Hudson plays the role of Caroline who is a live-in hospice nurse. She gets a job caring for an incapacitated man who lives in a creepy plantation. The wife to the man, Violet, is abrasive and off-putting. The house is rumoured to be haunted by former slaves who died after being murdered for practicing hoodoo right in front of the plantation owner’s children.

Later on, Caroline discovers that the souls of the dead slaves are actually inside the wife Violet and the family lawyer. The slaves were seen to be hopping bodies for years and they need to upgrade from the body of Violet. The slave spirits are successful with their transference and they transfer from the body of Violet to Caroline’s. Caroline is left trapped in Violet’s body, she can’t talk and she is incapacitated. The slaves are left to go with the new young bodies as Caroline and the lawyer whose spirit is in the old man are wheeled away by paramedics.

Psycho, 1960

Psycho (1960) is a psychological horror film that was directed by the great Alfred Hitchcock. The film centers around a young secretary who steals money from her employer and goes on the run. On her journey she stops by the ‘Bates Motel’, ran by Norman Bates, for the night where she is murdered by a mysterious figure while she is in the shower. Throughout the film we are led to believe that Norman’s mother alive when in fact she has been dead for many years. At the end of the film it is revealed that Norman Bates is the killer and it is established that he has a split personality and he has been keeping the mummified body of his dead mother in the house.

When Norman is in his cell after he is apprehended, as the camera zooms away, we see the split character known as ‘mother’ has taken over. Through a voice over, we hear Mrs Bates insisting that Norman is guilty and she wouldn’t hurt a fly. Although initial reviews of the film were mixed, Psycho has gone on to be one of the greatest films in history. With it’s shock twist ending and infamous shower scene, this is one of many great horror films to watch.

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