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Posted on: February 25th, 2021

Marvel movies can be easily classified as the battle between good and evil, with good always coming out on top. There is drama, some comedy, tons of action, and then the inevitable climax of each of their films, with both villains and superheroes being almost equally liked by audiences.

While they can all fall under the category of action/comedy/drama, one genre that has barely been explored in the Marvel universe is horror. Considering there are multiple characters and worlds that can easily play host to a horror movie, it’s surprising that they haven’t gone down that route.

The Blade Trilogy
One of the very first “modern” Marvel films, Blade was released all the way back in 1998. Even though many people don’t realise that Blade is part of the Marvel universe, the movies were incredible, and are a must watch for any Marvel and comic book fan.

What sets the Blade trilogy apart from other Marvel films, was that they were in fact horror movies. Vampires, violence, gore, Blade dispatching his enemies in gruesome fashion, these films were 100% horror films.

As mentioned, if you haven’t seen them already you definitely should, but what this does prove is that there are characters and stories that fit perfectly into the horror genre.

Venom is another series that can be taken down the dark alley of Horror. While the 2018 release was fairly well received, it did fall into the more action/comedy genre instead of horror, yet the tools are there for it to be a horror.

Considering the relationship between Venom and his more extreme counterpart, Carnage, with Carnage’s backstory, he was a serial killer, and the fact that Carnage assembles a crew of violent and homicidal supervillains who spread death and, well, carnage across New York City, there is the opportunity to take a film in a much more dark direction.

Even though a second Venom movie is due to be released this year which does see Venom and Carnage collide, it would still be great for a standalone Carnage movie, that uses the characters back story, to be used as a horror.

A character that some may have never heard of, Morbius is the “Living vampire”, who, through trying to find a cure for his life-threatening disease, turned himself into a powerful vampire.

While the story of Morbius and Dr Strange are similar, both of them doctors who sort of take the same journey with regards to their powers, Dr Strange is more in the world of magic, whereas Morbius can go down the much more bizarre and dark path of the occult.

Once again, Morbius’s story already lends itself to a horror film, with the possibility of crossovers that involved Blade, and possibly even Ghost Rider. Morbius also turned into an “anti-hero” of sorts, and Marvel isn’t opposed to that concept.

Dr Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness
Dr Strange 2 has been officially titled now as a horror film. The much anticipated sequel to the 2016 film is set for release in early 2022, and has been touted as a seriously “scary” movie.

While not much is known about the film, the basic premise is that the film takes place after the events of Endgame and Wandavision, and sees the doctor continuing his research into the Time Stone. The betrayal of a friend then results in Strange releasing unspeakable evil.

Scott Derrickson, the director, has said that this will be a horror film and will be genuinely scary, which is exciting considering the world that Dr Strange is part of already.

Terror Inc.
A lesser known series out of the Marvel world, Terror Inc. is the story of Terror, an immortal, who has the ability to absorb memories and abilities from those he gruesomely and violently kills and dismembers, and then attaches the limbs to himself.

As you can tell already, obviously this character and story would be perfect for a horror film. The character also travels through time periods, going from a knight in medi-evil times, and then into the modern time, as an assassin and mercenary.

Terror has ties with the likes of Punisher, and even Deadpool, as he was part of Deadpool’s “Mercs for Money” group. While the character is definitely not as popular as many others in the Marvel world, there is definitely a basis for at least one movie that can definitely be a horror film.

Marvel has dabbled in the horror genre in the past, but most definitely steered far away from it once the success of Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the like became evident. However, there are many characters and stories that are primed to be incredible horror films.

There are also existing characters that would be ideal for horror movies, and just need the right director and direction to turn it into something incredible. And considering the resources and money available within the Marvel world, it is only a matter of time before we see a proper horror film based in the Marvel universe.

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