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Will Rob Zombie’s Munster Reboot Pave The Way For More Classics?

Posted on: November 5th, 2021

There has been something of a retro reboot over the last few years, with retro fast becoming the in-thing. We have seen it with video games primarily, but now classic movies are making a comeback as the thirst for iconic films of yesteryear grows. However, surprisingly, it’s reboots that appear to be all the rage, rather than the movies in their original form.

Robert Cummings, better known as Rob Zombie, is leading the charge where reboots of old classics are concerned, with his take on The Munsters. As everyone will know, The Munsters are a famous fictional Transylvanian-American family who lives in Mockingbird Heights at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

The Munsters feature characters such as Herman Munster, Lily Munster, Eddie Munster, Marilyn Munster and Grandpa. And, people worldwide bought into the premise of The Munsters being a family with odd ways who believed they were very much akin to the typical average American household.

Rob Zombie is renowned for his work in this field, and it is likely to believe that this release could be the inspiration behind more classics being brought back to life as reboots in the future. And this could be through Zombie’s productions or others who choose to get in on the act as the trend grows. We are already seeing an overall growth and trend in investments made in film studios and production companies across UK and USA, and anyone looking to invest in the film industry should closely follow market analysis and prognosis of the industry in the near future.

As it’s Halloween, we have devised a few ideas of our own where classic horror movies are concerned that could be ideal for the reboot treatment.

We’re going to begin by mentioning a couple of projects that are very much already in the works, which again shows that reboots are the go-to right now. The Exorcist and Hellraiser are on the comeback trail. With a direct sequel for the former in the pipeline and a straight remake of the latter. It makes a lot of sense where The Exorcist is concerned, as the team working on the project were also behind the new Halloween movie.

Friday, the 13th, is one of the most infamous horror movies of all time. But, let’s face it, it’s renowned more for its blood and gore than for being a hit film or series. So now, imagine someone getting stuck into the original series but building immediately from the foundation of the original, bringing Jason to life in a better fashion.

And, we’re going to talk about sequels from originals again with the mention of The Omen. Where satanic-styled horror films are concerned, The Omen is in the upper echelons and could well top the list for the best. But subsequent releases, a remake and a TV series saw things slide.

So, in our opinion, the time is right for someone to enter the fray and breathe new life into The Omen. And, we feel the way they can achieve success here is to take the original and then build a sequel from it. One that hits the mark and will do Richard Donner’s box office smasher proud.

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