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Top casino horror movies

Posted on: August 3rd, 2021

Millions of people love to play at online casinos because it can be interesting and exciting to spend time, forget about the daily hustle and bustle, and just relax. In addition, many casinos offer bonuses and free games, such as the one at, which gives people the opportunity to have fun for free as well.

Approximately the same experience is available to movie buffs from watching movies, TV shows, and other film productions. Imagine then how nice for those who love both casinos and movies at the same time! And after all, the filmmakers realised how profitable and watchable such cinematic masterpieces can be, which led them to produce more combined material.

The casino and horror genre is no exception. Consider the best horror movies that contain a casino theme.

Leprechaun 3: Adventures in Las Vegas
A badly beaten man with no arm, one eye, and a limp to boot bring a Leprechaun statue with a locket around his neck to a pawn shop in order to pawn the property and get money. The man also informs him that the medallion must not be removed from the statue under any circumstances. However, the pawnshop owner did not listen to the man and soon, in order to examine the medallion better, took it off. As a result, the Leprechaun came to life.

At this time, a guy named Scott drives through Las Vegas to Los Angeles. He carries with him a check for $23,000 given to him by his parents for tuition and living expenses. However, interested in the lights of Las Vegas, Scott accidentally encounters a beautiful girl, Tammy, who shows simple tricks at one of the entertainment casinos. Not able to contain his curiosity, Scott enters the casino and, forgetting his studies, pisses away all his money gambling.

Left without a cent in his pocket, Scott heads to a pawn shop to pawn the watch his grandfather gave him. At the pawnshop, Scott discovers the owner’s dead body and reads information about the Leprechauns on a computer monitor, which reveals that if you just make a wish and wish for money, the latter will certainly appear. The boy determinedly heads back to the casino, where the Leprechaun himself has gone.

The Man with the X-ray Eyes
Surgeon James Xavier comes close to developing a compound that gives humans the ability to see through physical objects (X-ray vision). When his supervisors shut down his project, he doesn’t give up and continues to research the discovery alone and achieves outstanding results. The power of vision changes dramatically: he can see through clothes, then he can see through a person to the bone… During the operation, he uses his new abilities to clearly show his assistant Benson was to make an incision, but the latter does not believe his words. Xavier then wounds him and successfully completes the operation himself. The humiliated Benson wishes to publicly accuse Xavier of violating professional ethics. As a result of the rift, Xavier inadvertently kills him and is forced into hiding.

He takes a job with a traveling circus under the pseudonym of Mental, a man with X-ray eyes. One day the circus comes to town: at a fair, the doctor treats a woman who breaks her leg and two ribs (which the man is incapable of seeing). His companion Crane immediately suspects that there is much more money to be made from medical diagnoses than from circus shows. Together they start their own business.

After a while, Diane, Xavier’s girlfriend, finds him and talks to him. From their dialogue, Crane learns that Mental is in reality James Xavier, who is wanted for his crimes, and begins to blackmail the doctor: if he flees together with Diane and closes the case, Crane will inform the police. After pushing him away, the heroes escape. They move to Las Vegas, where James hopes to use his gift to enrich himself at the casino and continue his work.

At first, he beats the casino big time, but this arouses the suspicion of his opponents. When one of the players begins to ask the doctor what the mystery is, he starts a fight. James’ tinted glasses fall off and everyone notices the black whites in his eyes. People criticise him for cheating, but he and Diane manage to escape, leaving behind a wad of money. Xavier steals a car, but a police helicopter catches up with him. Trying to escape, the doctor rolls off a cliff and crashes the car. He ditches the car and sets off on foot. Xavier arrives at the preacher’s tent quoting the Sermon on the Mount: “If your right eye seduces you, pluck it out and cast it from you.” The congregation repeats it over and over again. Taking the quote as a guide to action, Xavier pulls out his eyes.

Dark Universe
In the U.S. cities of Metropolis, Washington, DC, as well as Gotham City, day after day there are murders in which demons are suspected. It is not anyone but Batman himself who takes on the task of investigating and finding the killers. In his own home, he finds a message from Boston Brand, a.k.a. “The Dead Man.” Demon Etrigan (who hides under the identity of Jason Blood) and exorcist John Constantine try to beat the three demons to get hold of the Dreamstone gem. Batman and the sorceress Zatanna and the Deadman come to the House of Mystery to discuss everything with Constantine. They are joined by the Black Orchid, the spiritual incarnation of the House. The company gathers to plan an investigation and share information.

Constantine and Zatanna visit their friend Richie Simpson. He is ill with an incurable disease – cancer and is angry with Constantine. The Exorcist and Zatanna learn of an unknown creature wearing a strange ring. Suddenly a monster pounces on them, but Zatanna kills the creature. The team goes back to Richie and discovers he is in a coma. Jason Blood tells of a sorcerer named Destiny, who tried to take over England centuries ago with Dreamstone. Jason tried to split the stone and was mortally wounded by the sorcerer, but Merlin integrated him with the demon Etrigan and gave him immortality. Simultaneously, Richie briefly awakens to claim that Felix Faust tried to kill him.

With the help of the Swamp Creature, the friends and Constantine discover Faust’s lair. Zatanna defeats the magician, but the latter turns out not to have been involved in the attempt on Richie’s life. Richie awakens and discovers that he has a piece of Dreamstone, which he used to keep cancer from spreading. He kills the Black Orchid and releases a sorcerer from Dreamstone who takes over the body and can control Simpson. Destiny destroys the House of Mystery and is about to seize control of the United States. Zatanna saves the team. The Justice League tries to deal with Destiny, but he makes them perceive each other as hostile demons. Etrigan attacks Destiny, but he separates him from Jason Blood’s essence. Constantine and Swamp Thing fight the warlock while Batman and Zatanna disarm the Justice League. Destiny wins the battle with the Swamp creature by removing the remaining parts of Alex Holland from his body.

Constantine, along with Batman and Jason Blood, destroys Dreamstone and Destiny releases Richie. Simpson begs the exorcist to help him, but he is only a supporter. Jason dies from his wounds from hundreds of years ago. Zatanna and Constantine and Etrigan bury Blood, after which the demon escapes. Zatanna and Constantine join the Justice League and return to the restored House of Mysteries.

The casino universe is an incredibly rich and enticing world where everyone can find peace, a boost of endorphins, and the opportunity to increase their own wallet. In combination with the movie productions, such materials are incredibly attractive and mesmerising. If you are a fan of casinos and horror, and you are tired of the usual games and movies with a banal plot, it’s time to start watching movies that combine these two areas – you will love it!

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