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Top 5 gambling-related horror films

Posted on: June 11th, 2021

The rapid development of the gambling industry has affected all areas of human life. Various companies have started to produce merchandise and toys featuring the main characters of popular machines, and Hollywood has not been spared. In the world cinema there are many horror movies, tied to gambling. But the main motivation in these pictures is not the opportunity to get rich, and the chance to stay alive after a series of difficult trials. Below we will consider five of the most popular horror films, where the plot is tied to the game.

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1. Saw
A series of films with game themes opens cult franchise “Saw”. It already counts 8 pictures, and in 2021 the ninth part will be released, associated with John Kramer, who was the main designer of deadly games. In each film, one or more of the characters have to go through a complex series of trials, subjecting themselves or others to horrific torture. But the story is not about trivial torture at all. In its brutality, the designer wanted to convey a certain truth to the victims. The incomplete, whose life has gone downhill, people have to pass the test and be reborn in a new guise. At the same time, John Kramer does not consider himself a murderer. All victims who have appeared in his clutches, died of own choice: to sacrifice something important and to remain crippled or to be killed by the constructor’s device.

2. Cube
The Cube film series is no less legendary than Saw. Only here, the horror theme is based on science fiction. Several strangers wake up in a cube room. After getting to know each other, they start looking for a way out, but find another locked room. All the rooms differ from each other only in colour and… deadly traps. The participants do not know why they ended up together in the strange room, but all they have to do is to move forward and find the way out, overcoming the deadly ordeal. The first part of the film was well received by critics and received a high rating on many review sites.

3. I’m off to find
Who could have imagined that a lavish wedding at Le Domas Manor would turn into a deadly game. Certainly not the bride Grace, who knew little of her lover’s family. Over an evening meal, she learns of an old tradition – each new member of the family must play a game. Pulling out a card labelled ‘Hide and Seek’, Emily thinks of an innocent children’s game where she has to hide and everyone else has to find her. But things start to go wrong when Emily’s husband’s sister accidentally kills one of the house servants. Now it’s up to Grace to find out the secrets of the mysterious family and keep out of sight of anyone else in the game.

4. 13 sins
An ordinary office worker Elliot Brindle, mired in debt, tries to earn at least a little money to make a living. But everything changes when the phone rings. An unknown man offers to play a game of 13 quests. Elliot gets money for successfully completing them, the reward increases with each completed task. A seemingly simple quiz where there is nothing difficult, but with each task its complexity increases. Failure or failure to complete the quest nullifies the money won. As Elliot progresses through the quiz, he discovers that he is not the only contestant. The protagonist is faced with a difficult choice – abandon the game and lose all the winnings or get to the bottom of the truth, finding out who is behind all the horrible bullying.

5. Play it to death
During prom night, a small group of people play truth or dare. After drinking heavily, Felix, a young and shy guy, chooses the action and confesses his love to his classmate. Unfortunately for him the girl doesn’t reciprocate. That’s where the game ends and the film seems more like a youth comedy with lots of drinking, sex and drugs, but all the fun begins a few months later when Felix invites the company to his birthday party in a country cottage. Meeting together again, the friends will have to do terrible things and tell their dirtiest secrets, because their lives are at stake.

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