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Posted on: July 9th, 2018

Last month, we discussed the gripping horror/sci-fi saga The Sun Vanished on Twitter. Existing at the intersection of creepypasta and Alternate Reality Games, the window into the cosmic terrors of a parallel dimension, The Sun Vanished (@TheSunVanished) has netted almost 300K followers while amassing millions of views for each short video.

The Sun Vanished appeared to go dark (pun intended) on June 19th with our unnamed narrator meeting up with his friend Danyon before they seemingly dropped off the planet. Since then, many who followed the chilling drama have checking in obsessively, wondering if the story’s over—or only just beginning.

Yesterday (July 8), however, The Sun Vanished returned with a vengeance!

If you’re just catching up, The Sun Vanished tells the story of a metaphysical, possibly alien event that has plunged the majority of the world into perpetual darkness. Over the past 2 months, our narrator has holed up alone as tranced-out intruders pound at his door and scratch at his windows. Things went silent after he met up with Danyon, who may or may not be in his right mind.

“I’m finally back. There’s so much that I have to catch you all up on. You won’t believe what I’ve seen.”

The narrator explains that he and Danyon have been laying low, way off the grid. He only recently got close enough to a cell-phone tower to catch us up. They decided to move on again after “activity” began to approach them. The updates include one of the most arresting videos so far.

The Sun Vanished is part of a new wave of Twitter-based ARG’s; the phenomenon seemed to begin with the Dear David haunting of Adam Ellis (now being made into a feature film). There’s Life Underground (@LifeIsBelow) is another new ARG currently gaining its footing; it’s a complex story involving a man living underground with a technology-obsessed doomsday cult.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on The Sun Vanished until our hero’s story comes to its official conclusion. Stay tuned for significant updates as they happen.

Words by: Josh Millican (@josh_millican)

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