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The Las Vegas Casinos You Didn’t Know Were Haunted

Posted on: March 4th, 2020

Las Vegas is home to dozens of giant casinos that people from all over the world visit each day. Over the years, however, many guests have made allegations that Vegas casinos Bally’s Resort, Tropicana, the Flamingo, and the Luxor are haunted. Dozens of guests leave the casinos terrified and many have vowed never to return!

So we thought we’d take a look and find out what actually happened at these casinos. Of course, if you find yourself too spooked to visit a brick-and-mortar casino after reading this, you can always visit to find the best non-haunted online casinos.

Bally’s Resort & Casino
Bally’s Resort & Casino (Sometimes known as Bally’s Las Vegas) opened on December 5, 1973, and many guests have claimed that the casino and its surrounding areas are haunted. Why? Well, Bally’s was built on the site of the former MGM Grand which caught fire in November 1980. The fire, which is the second biggest hotel fire in the US, was caused by faulty wiring and quickly ripped through the entire building.

At the time, around 5,000 people were in the hotel and casino, and although emergency services were called in, they weren’t quick enough to save some people. A total of 85 people were killed and 650 were injured due to the fire, many of which were guests, employees and firefighters. The casino was then repaired, sold to Bally Entertainment and then re-opened as Bally’s Resort & Casino. Since the incident, however, many of the resort’s guests have reported seeing ghosts walk the halls at night. Although many have questioned the allegations, the sightings reportedly occurred on the same floors where most of the victims of the fire lost their lives.

Tropicana Las Vegas
The Tropicana is another casino which has developed a reputation for supernatural and unexplainable phenomenons. For several years, a famous tiki mask statue overlooked the entrance to the casino. Over time, however, the casino received complaints from visitors who had allegedly developed a rash after coming into contact with the mask. What’s even more strange is that each person reported the exact same purple facial rash.

Other guests claimed to see purple mist around the mark in photographs, sparking allegations that the tiki mask was possessed or haunted by a malicious spirit. As the rumours began to intensify over a number of years, casino management mysteriously removed the mask. Although this may have stopped the guest’s mysterious rashes, many still question whether the spirit still haunts the casino somewhere.

Luxor Las Vegas
The Luxor in Las Vegas is a gigantic Egyptian-themed casino resort. The resort is steeped in Ancient Egyptian symbology and many guests who have stayed at the resort have reported experiencing strange and unexplained incidents as well as seeing ghostly figures throughout the resort. This has led many to wonder whether the hotel is haunted, and it could be!

When the casino was under construction in the early 1990s, many of the hired construction workers were involved in strange accidents, including one in which a worker was killed. In 2006, several guests reportedly jumped off balconies to their deaths for unknown reasons and a year later, a car bomb killed a 24-year-old casino employee in the casino parking garage. Some paranormal enthusiasts believe the Luxor is now haunted by those who had lost their lives at the casino.

Flamingo Las Vegas
The Flamingo in Las Vegas is one of the most famous casinos in Sin City thanks to its connections to mobster Bugsy Siegel. The resort was founded by Siegel in the late 1940s but began to experience financial difficulties just one year after opening. The trouble led Siegel to close and re-open the resort but by then it was too late as mobsters were left out-of-pocket. In June 1947, Siegel was gunned down at his home.

A memorial plaque dedicated to Siegel was erected at the Flamingo and, although he died at home in Beverly Hills, many believe that Siegel has chosen to spend his afterlife at the Flamingo, named after his lover Virginia Hill for her long, skinny legs. Dozens of guests and employees have reported seeing Siegel’s ghost at the resort, particularly near the Presidential Suite or community pool. The appearances became so bad a cleaner quit working at Flamingo after encountering Siegel himself during one shift!

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