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Posted on: September 5th, 2023

What is it about late August? Perhaps it’s something in the air? That whiff of fall not too far away, perhaps? Whatever the reason, the end of the month is stacked with horror releases over the years. Some significant movies had their birthdays this past week, so let’s celebrate them.

August 30th 1972
Hard to believe as it may be, the film that introduced us to horror legend Wes Craven turned 51 years old this past week. Telling the story of two young girls kidnapped by a group of ruthless criminals, Craven’s debut remains one of horror cinema’s most controversial flicks.

Upon release, Last House touched off a wave of worldwide controversy due to its unflinching nature, including sexual violence. Whilst popular, the film was slated by critics, and would go on to earn a thirty-year ban in the UK.

Now seen as one of horror’s all-time classics, Last House is credited with helping move the genre into much more realistic territory and is highly respected as a work of true terror.

August 30th 1991
Still one of the most divisive entries in the Child’s Play franchise, Child’s Play 3 has now endured for 32 years!

After the huge success of its predecessor, Child’s Play 3 was quickly ushered into production and released just 9 months later. The film follows Chucky’s nemesis Andy Barclay as he enrols in a military academy at the age of sixteen.

Released to poor reviews and a scant box-office performance, this three-quel spelled the end of Chucky for seven years. During that time and beyond, Child’s Play 3 was often considered the worst in the franchise. However, with the passage of time and the resurgence of the series, many have come to reappraise the film. Its dark, moody tone and oppressive atmosphere stand out in a series full of wise cracks and goofy hijinks. Despite remaining series creator Don Mancini’s least favourite, after over 30 years, Child’s Play 3 has found its audience and will continue to endure.

August 28th 2009
As hard as it is to believe, Rob Zombie’s controversial sequel Halloween II is 14 years old!

Zombie’s continuation of his 2007 reinvention of the Michael Myers mythos was not well received at the time of release… to put it mildly. Many felt that Zombie further destroyed the mystique of Michael Myers by diving into his psyche and giving a definitive reason behind his bloodshed. Furthermore, critics and series fans alike felt the sequel was too harsh and unflattering with its over-the-top use of foul language and gore. The poor reception would put the Halloween series on ice for 9 years.

However, hindsight has done this sequel many favours, and in the years that have followed Halloween II has been reappraised. Now the movie’s depressing look and cynical depictions are praised as a realistic portrayal of a community trying to move on from unimaginable trauma.

Now seen as the ultimate PTSD driven tale of sorrow and revenge, Zombie’s sequel gains recognition for daring to do something different with the Halloween formula.

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