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Posted on: October 15th, 2023

“Did the devil do it…?”

Netflix are preparing to shock us all this spooky season with The Devil on Trial. The feature-length documentary will dive into the 1981 murder trial of Arne Johnson, the events of which inspired the 2021 film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it.

However, it’s no secret that a lot of creative license was taken with the movie adaption, almost completely jettisoning the horrific story of an allegedly possessed child at the core of the events. Now, with the release of the trailer for their much-anticipated documentary, Netflix tell us in no uncertain terms they are diving right to the heart of the matter.

In interview clips shown throughout the short clip, we see not only Arne Johnson, but also members of the Glatzel family, who’s alleged torment via demonic forces began the whole tragic affair. Previously the Glatzel family have been entirely unwilling to speak of their alleged haunting, the possession of their youngest son, or the possession of Arne that eventually led to murder.

Now, the trailer reveals two of the Glatzel brothers, including the allegedly formerly possessed David Glatzel, telling their story for the first time. For the very first time we will get the whole story from all involved, and not just the pieces sensationalized by the media.

We hear Arne Johnson speak of his love for his brother-in-law David, and how that love propelled him to call out the forces tormenting the child. We will hear from Arne’s defence attorney, who boldly stands by his case that Johnson was not guilty via reason of demonic possession.

Finally, through archival recordings and dramatic reenactments, we will hear from the Glatzel family parents, and Ed and Lorraine Warren. We finally have the definitive tale of the infamous Devil Made Me Do it case, and this is not one to be missed by fans of the paranormal.

The Devil on Trial will premiere on Netflix October 17th and you can check out the trailer below:


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