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Tarot is the Latest in a List of Horror Movies that Put Playing Card Symbolism to Good Use

Posted on: June 4th, 2024

For horror fans in search of a supernatural offering, Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg’s Tarot is worth checking out. The new title is based on Nicholas Adams’ 1992 novel, Horrorscope, and centers on gruesome murders related to a Tarot card deck.

Playing cards have often been used as symbolism in horror movies, as they are associated with fate. Tarot is the latest movie to put this theme to good use, and it will appeal to viewers who enjoy tarot readings and card games.

Supernatural Offering Based on Tarot Cards
Horror movies often turn to a particular item as a source of terror, and in Tarot’s case it uses the famous tarot cards. It centres around a group of friends who uncover a strange deck and then begin to be picked off one by one in a variety of grisly ways.

Although the playing card trope has been used frequently over the years, it hasn’t appeared in any recent movies. Tarot has the potential to revitalise the use of this form of symbolism, as the way it deals with fate is reminiscent of the hugely popular Final Destination franchise. There are plenty of creepy characters that appear on tarot cards, and many of these would make great inclusions in horror pictures.

Viewers are Familiar With Playing Cards’ Association With Fate
Playing cards have been a mainstay in popular culture for hundreds of years, and many people are familiar with their games. While tarot readings may be somewhat niche, it’s common knowledge that the psychics who use the cards claim that they are able to show what a person’s future looks like.

Other, more traditional card games have this aspect as well. When the cards are shuffled and dealt, the result is completely random. That means that the hand a person plays is down to the fate of how the cards turn. This is arguably what makes card games so popular, and why they have swept the world in an online setting.

Nowadays, players can access card games more easily than ever, thanks to the rise of online casinos. Live streaming is arguably the most popular way to play, with offerings such as live baccarat coming with real-world dealers. These games are accompanied by other casino card classics, such as live blackjack and poker.

Other Horror Movies That Have Played on the Concept of Fate
The idea of fate is a common concept in horror movies, and this is often shown through playing cards. Aside from Tarot, there have been other instances of cards and psychics in pictures. Drag Me to Hell in 2009 was a good example of cursed fates and the consequences of minor actions. The Shining also used some card symbolism to convey the concepts of fate and doom.

Tarot is one of the most unique horror movies to hit screens in some time, and it’s well worth checking out. The offering could bring back the concept of fate in the genre and inspire other filmmakers to use playing card tropes.

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