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Posted on: March 16th, 2021

When you finally decide to start writing your horror story and reach for the spooky stars, it is high time to think about doing it right and focusing on promotion even before you start. Since you may have the basic plot and the elements that can make your horror story ready for filming or the sketches, you can consider adding certain notes and brief descriptions that can expand the element of shock and the aspects that will provide your vision of the visuals. Once you are done with the writing part, proceed with getting your horror story translated as you reach for the international audience and those who may be interested in letting your creation go global!

Start Writing Your Own Horror Story

  • Outline Your Story. Unlike the majority of literature styles, writing a horror story is not the same because it should keep the reader inspired with the help of certain elements like suspense building and visuals. Even though you may think that writing a horror story may resemble writing some love drama or a detective, good horror stories provide a clear outline of event-and-reaction patterns where each person follows the shocking element and the reaction of a protagonist or some character. Moreover, you should also keep it short and always to the point just like Allan Edgar Poe did in his short, yet quite shocking stories.
  • Check The Use of Literary Tricks & Devices. Focus on the use of metaphors and allegories to make your horror story powerful. One of the secret tricks is the use of a monologue where a protagonist would talk about how he or she has been alone in some old house or telling about those fears and apprehensions of the dark. It helps people to relate as they start reading and makes things sound more personal than they are.
  • Proofread Your Horror Story. Do not forget to check and proofread your story twice before you go global and translate it because you can make special notes for the translator and highlight those parts where a translator must pay attention to ensure that nothing is missed. If you want to reach a Japanese anime horror market or turn to German gothic styles, you should edit your story accordingly and consult the experts in a foreign country regarding being accurate if it matters to you. In any case, it is important to your readers in certain countries as your horror story becomes successful and is read by the global audience, which is why editing and proofreading things for accuracy is something to consider! It will also help in terms of the preliminary steps of getting your book translated as you will provide the original manuscript with recommendations.
  • Approach Professional Translation. Now it is time to look for professional assistance in terms of translating your horror story and reaching a global audience. Consider exploring top 10 translation companies to determine the prices and the suitable services that will help you find those creative experts who will understand your story correctly and adjust it accordingly for your preferred customers. Remember that you should always explain your vision, take time to help the translator focus on those crucial parts, and share some notes that help during the pre-translation process.

How to Keep Your Unique Style?
While it is easy to do in your native language as you write if you turn to specific literary devices and the elements of style that you know well, keeping your story powerful and intense in a foreign language is not that simple! The trick is to discuss your content with your translation expert to ensure that no crucial part is missed and that he or she sees your vision and understands what you wanted to express and portray in the first place. Talking about every little detail is the way to go that will keep your foreign audience just as scared as the native English speakers!

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