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Posted on: April 9th, 2013

A lone woman stands dripping wet holding her face in her hands. Her clothing and hair are dishevelled but you can’t see her face. Everything else about the poster for the remake of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead is bathed in blood red with the words “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience” written across the woman’s back. It is subtly terrifying. So, to celebrate the release of Evil Dead (hitting UK cinemas on April 18th), we have compiled a list of our favourite scary film posters!


We kick off our list of favourites with the poster for the original film, The Evil Dead. The poster sees a young woman desperately reaching to stay alive whilst a menacing hand attempts to drag her down to who-knows-where! The irony of the character, Linda is not lost on us with this one!


Two parents stand side-by-side, the mother with a slight smile on her face, the father looking stern. Both cradle their two daughters who sit in front of them on a sofa. A picture-perfect family until you register that neither of the sisters are wearing shoes… oh, and they are both covered in blood. Not exactly the Brady Bunch are they?


You know that itchy, hoarse feeling you get that comes with a sore throat? Imagine the possibility that it is actually a demon’s hand trying to reach up from inside of you? Well, now you don’t have to because the film poster for last year’s Sam Raimi-produced film, The Possession. We guarantee this image will at least cross your mind the next time you have a chesty cough!


Though literal in its delivery, this poster for Silent Scream still freaks us out! With her mouth bound by a rather impenetrable looking padlock, the veins in her face so pronounced it looks as though her gag is starving her entire face for blood, and the dazed look in her eyes, we would not want to change places with the woman in this image!


With his demonic, inhuman face and that menacing finger against his lips, we are wondering if this guy isn’t the one holding the poor woman in the above poster captive!


At first glance you won’t know what to make of the figure in this poster but look a little closer! Yup those eyes do resemble faces. Oh, and just to keep things relevant to the title, the figure is holding a phone to their ear…well we hope they have an ear at least!


And the last in our list of favourites is Ju-On: The Grudge. There is something so inherently creepy about a child you are not entirely sure about. This little kid’s eye is completely black it appears to tryand suck us in! Look away now!

Catch Evil Dead in cinemas across the UK from April 18th!

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