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Posted on: January 27th, 2024

After losing both main stars and its director, Spyglass Media Group are scrambling to stop Scream 7 haemorrhaging any further. In some recent, and frank, comments, do we have the first hopeful signs for the film from franchise star Neve Campbell?

Commenting for the first time publicly about the confused status of the sequel, Campbell had the following to say at the BAFTA Awards Tea Party in Beverly Hills:
“I know things are spinning at the moment, and I would imagine they are spinning at the top trying to figure out what they’re going to do. I would not be surprised to get a call,” Campbell commented.

The actress, known for playing series lead Sidney Prescott, has clearly kept an eye on developments and sounds confident that the studio may need her. This tracks with one of several theories reported in the media that Spyglass were eyeing “a complete creative reboot” for Scream 7 and had Campbell in their sights.

When asked more directly if her words meant she would be returning, Campbell played it slightly coyer. The actress commented that she must stick by her beliefs following her exit from Scream VI, and would only return if the offer presented was acceptable to her:
“I made a strong statement a few years ago, which is I did not believe that the way that I was treated would’ve happened if I had been a male and that I deserve a certain thing for having carried this franchise for as long as I have. We have to stand up for women in this business and know what we’re worth. That hasn’t changed for me. So, if they were to come back to me, it would have to be with a respectful offer that I felt was in keeping with what I bring to this franchise.”

In closing, Campbell offered a remark that let’s the studio know she’s interested, but also knows her worth as an actress, to the franchise and to fans, stating:
“Would I do it? There are millions of fans out there of this franchise. These movies mean a lot to people. They mean a lot to me. They mean a lot to [Kevin Williamson]. They meant a lot to [Wes Craven]. They meant a lot to all of these cast members, and we would all love to see this franchise continue. I would hate to see it burn. So, we’ll see.”

So, whilst Campbell’s statements offer hope for Scream 7, it is clear the film is still in limbo and no offers have been made to the star just yet.

Speculation continues that Spyglass Media Group are pursuing both Melissa Barrera and creative team Radio Silence once more. The studio is alleged to be keen to make amends for Barrera’s firing, but these reports remain unconfirmed.

This is definitely a project we’ll continue to watch, but as of now, no definitive progress has been made on this very troubled seventh entry.

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