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Posted on: September 1st, 2023

“I really didn’t think…”

That is all Ed Gein has to say when asked if he enjoyed committing crimes ranging from necrophilia to murder.

You can hear the infamous murderer’s voice at length for the first time in the brand-new MGM+ documentary Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein, releasing September 17th.

As most people in the horror-sphere know, Gein’s streak of brutality throughout the 1950’s served as the inspiration for 3 of the genre’s most infamous villains. First and foremost, author Robert Bloch would use Gein as inspiration for Norman Bates whilst writing Psycho. Of course, Alfred Hitchcock would adapt his novel and create a piece of cinematic history. Next, Gein’s skin-ripping ways would heavily influence both Leatherface of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Buffalo Bill of The Silence of the Lambs.

Gein hailed from Plainfield, Wisconsin and upon his apprehension in 1957, was found to have committed a plethora of unspeakable acts. As well as the murders of Bernice Warden and Mary Hogan, police found his dilapidated home filled with macabre items. Furniture was made from human bones, preserved faces adorned the walls and lamp shades, and most alarming of all, Gein had crafted a female body suit he could wear.

Thought to have committed many more killings than the two police could trace to him, MGM’s documentary will dive into Gein’s early life, his disturbing relationship with his mother and his eventual descent into debauchery. To aid them in their quest, the filmmakers have access to never-before-heard recordings of Gein from his time behind bars.

If you love true crime, or any horror tale with a basis in fact, check this documentary out. You can view the brand-new trailer below:

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