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Let’s Talk About Horror in Art

Posted on: May 10th, 2019

Horror is best known for the chills it sends down your spine. The effects of horror in art can be best captured through horror movies and images where the characters are manipulated in a way to look odd and not what you are used to seeing. Since horror arouses negative emotions in the audience, a producer must have a quality piece of art to keep the audience hooked throughout the horror movie. Horror movies tap into your primal fears, like the fear of being hurt, of dying, etc. The more negative emotions a horror movie stirs, the more sensational the relief that comes at the end of the movie, when the characters facing danger come out unhurt after such intense fear. Here are some of the major art tricks used by producers to stoke the lasting horror imaginations in your mind.

1. Tight frame
Tight frame is an art used in horror movies to create terrifying images and sceneries, and it has proven effective in creating a thrill. The thrill comes from the anxiety of not being sure of what is surrounding the actor, and the audience has to keep on guessing what will be unveiled in the next moment.

2. Abrupt colour changes
The use of weird colours in a horror animation or the abrupt change of colours in a horror movie plays a big role in creating fear and suspense when used well by an art director and CG specialist. You can look for specialised services at iLustra’s homepage to produce captivating horror images and animations. In horror images or movies, the colors that are used for characters and scenery are not the usual ones, and this is what differentiates them from other types of movies.

3. Subliminal images
Subliminal imaging is one of the soft skills in art that is used to unconsciously influence your mind. The use of subliminal images provokes primitive emotions, such as fear, and it is also used to indicate an oncoming danger in the movie. Examples of some of the subliminal images used are lights going on and off, and a normal scenery that, upon keen observation, will show scary images. Such things will upset you without your knowledge, and hence it becomes an important tool in making a terrifying movie.

4. Infrasound
Infrasound is a low-frequency sound produced by something that is rumbling, such as wind. Such a sound can cause shivers throughout your body when heard consistently for a long duration, and this creates intense fear, especially when accompanied by abrupt changes in colour and scenery. It is an art used throughout horror movies to intensify an audience’s emotions.

5. Nonlinear sounds
A horror movie creates distress in the audience, and this cannot be brought out effectively without including the use of familiar but distressed sounds. The audience can easily identify with familiar sounds, like actors screaming, to portray the ordeal the actor is going through. This makes the emotions seem so real, hence creating a lasting image in the mind of the viewer.

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