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Posted on: November 16th, 2019

Everyone can agree, it is ultimately the villain within the horror movie that makes it worth the watch. If the bad guy fails to entertain the viewer, there is a good chance the movie will fall flat altogether. This also explains why certain horror films are able to remain hot topics long after the premiere is over, much like the movies in this post. More specifically, the villains. Because if it weren’t for the following notable characters, would the movies have been so influential?


Nosferatu, Vlad the Impaler, there are many legends that surround the notorious vampire who is better known as Dracula. And you will find an abundance of films that are inspired by him, even if he is not in all these movies. There are also many video games and even spooky Dracula online slot games that have been influenced by the famous vampire too. The earliest depiction of Dracula on film came in 1921. The movie was produced in Hungary and premiered with the title Dracula’s Death. However, the movie was not based on the original book written by Stoker. Instead, it was F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922) that focused on the character created by Stoker back in 1897.

In spite of the variations different writers have created, Dracula’s primary goal remains the same. Yes, he needs to feed on blood. But the original character is also able to manipulate his victims. And if he chooses, he can make you a vampire as well. Movie fans looking for modern takes on the book should check out Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) starring Gary Oldman.

Freddy Krueger

While Freddy Krueger is not nearly as old as Dracula, but he has been around for several years. Krueger has also enjoyed a strange type of fame when it comes to pop culture. With his bladed glove, an ugly striped jersey, and burnt skin that makes you wish you didn’t order pizza, this guy is legendary. As the spirit of a serial killer, he haunts his victims in their dreams. After toying with them and showing a very humorous side to what should be a very dark person, he slaughters them in their dreams.

The first Nightmare on Elm Street movie came out in 1984, directed and created by none other than Wes Craven. Then a franchise followed which saw Freddy becoming one of the most notorious villains to appear on camera. Numerous films and spin-offs ensured the legend of this serial killer lives on today.

Jason Voorhees

When the original Friday the 13th film was made and released in 1980, Jason Voorhees was not the antagonist. Instead, he was the child of the killer. Memories of Jason are shown to the viewers through his mother, a camp cook who lost Jason to a drowning incident. Or so she believes. Only in the sequel, Friday the 13th: Part Two (1981), does Jason make his appearance with super-human strength.

While Jason never talks, there is some twisted reason behind the killings. And according to Jason, these reasons are enough to hack everyone to pieces pretty quickly. Over the years, many actors and stuntman have played the character. Jason’s appearance also changed quite a bit, but he’s still a pop culture icon like Freddy and Dracula. The film franchise has also inspired much Friday the 13th merchandise and even video games. Earlier this year, Nintendo released a Friday the 13th game that is available to play on the Nintendo Switch.

Hannibal Lecter

Smart, manipulative, hungry, there are many words you can use to describe Hannibal Lecter. But the one description people associate him with the most is cannibalism. This is one psychiatrist that likes to get to the root of the problem, literally. He also likes to host parties where he serves his guests his favourite food. The first movie featuring Hannibal Lecter is called Silence of the Lambs (1991). Although, he’s not the killer. He is the locked-up serial killer that provides a young FBI agent information regarding her investigation. But doctor Lecter always has a personal agenda, and he becomes obsessed with the agent.

Unlike the other villains in this post, Hannibal does not need superpowers to catch his victims. His brilliance is enough to make him one of the most memorable and dangerous villains portrayed on film. Anthony Hopkins is the brilliant actor that helped to cement the legend of Lecter. His mesmerising performance earned him more than just respect in the movie community. It made sure everyone that loves a good horror movie will eventually learn his name and the dangerous character he portrayed.

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