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Posted on: June 2nd, 2016

As some of you probably already know, Horror Channel has become the headline sponsor of the UK’s biggest genre festival, the one and only FrightFest, which has got to be one of the most exciting news of the year so far! It will now be Horror Channel across all the banners and with the festival moving home to the fabulous 12 screener VUE in Shepherds Bush this August, it really is ‘all change’ for FrightFest. Do not fear change my friends, change is what kicks us up the butts and makes us rethink and get creative. We at Horror can’t wait for the opportunity to headline, for this festival has always been close to our bleeding hearts (Horror Channel was banner sponsor back in 2005 and horror-channel-600x24012006 too). This will be a three-year partnership and as ever, I’ll be on the front line reporting direct to you. See you at FrightFest August Bank holiday!

In the meantime we’re always here for you on the humble TV set slinging blood gore and more on the living room floor so check out the premieres in June…

VIRGIN WITCH  Saturday 4th June 10.55pm
When I worked as the Film PR at Salvation Films I learnt a lot about the exploitation and Euro sleaze film scene and grew a real fondness for this rather silly celluloid. The stuff of Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, Tinto Brass and Pete Walker brings back happy memories (mammories?!) and Horror Channel has a premiere of a similar ilk by the name of Virgin Witch…. The title alone oozes sleaze! Directed in 1972 by Ray Austin who was more famous for cult TV like Avengers, The Saint and Zorro, this film stars another big household name – before she was famous of course – ‘Allo ‘Allo’s Vicki Michelle. The story goes: two sisters and wannabe models (played by real life sisters Ann and Vicki Michelle) are lured to a castle for a photoshoot but as the creaky doors open so too does a world of witchcraft, covens, sex and sacrifice! Is the modeling agency a mere cover to recruit sexy nubile ladies to the coven of kinky satanists?! With a high quota of flesh on display here I’m sure you’ll want to stay in and catch this naughty British gem of a network premiere!

STALLED   UK TV premiere  Friday 10th June  10.50pm
Next, an inventive British Indie flick that brings a whole new level of ‘toilet humour’ with a literal splattering of blood, guts, puke, puss and god knows what else on the pan. It’s Xmas Eve, and an office party is in full swing complete with sexy Santas and elves, but for one janitor it’s just another dull grim evening being sent to the ladies to do a repair. A job that initially brings it’s benefits as he spies on two festive fillies getting it on, but snogging soon turns to full on munching when the S**t hits the fan and he realizes, he’s in the middle of a zombie plague with only a toilet door separating him between life and certain death. With almost the entire film set in a lavatory the director has been super inventive with the humour, pace and kills here, forcing our leading man (who also incidentally wrote the film) to be incredibly resourceful!

PREY     Network Premiere    Saturday 11th June    11.05pm
A 1977 British cult flick now from Norman J. Warren. A canine-like alien lands on Earth to do a bit of ‘research’ into our food supply, sounds innocent enough until you learn what they eat. Humans. Taking human form, our alien befriends a lesbian couple who take him in unaware of his other-worldly origins. Can they figure out his true identity before it’s too late? Will he become ensnared in one very bizarre love triangle? One of the more bonkers and surreal entries into the low budget British Sci-Fi genre this is a must for all fans of weird!

SIREN   UK TV Premiere    Friday 17th June    9.00pm
For some reason boats are intrinsically sexy and have become a firm staple in horror; Donkey Punch, The Watermen, Dead Calm all feature sexy young things on big boats, where soon the lure of the open sea becomes a prison of terror with no escape! Here our movie takes its cue from the Greek story The Odyssey as three friends on a yachting trip wind up on a secluded island inhabited by a mysterious seductive woman, whose charms has them fighting for her affections… paranoia, jealousy, violence and lesbianism follows….!

EDEN LODGE   UK TV Premiere     Saturday 18th June     11.00pm
Nothing to do with Eden Lake, I’m afraid, this time a young family fall in to horror cliché number one; the stranded car in the middle of the woods and find themselves checking in to a random hotel that’s actually really rather lovely…. But just like the gingerbread house it’s welcoming façade hides a hideous truth and soon our young family realise that the guests at Eden Lodge wind up dead…. But who is committing the tortures and murders, and why….?

CONFINED   UK TV Premiere   Fri 24th June    9.00pm
A film that’s all about location is next. Yes sometimes in horror the locale is the real star, almost becoming a character in itself exuding menace, alive with the horrors of the past…. and in this case it’s a vast luxury mansion block that was never completed and is now empty and devoid of life bar the two security guards who stalk the long corridors and huge atriums. They never last long though. One night a new girl is taking the night watch, a girl with problems of her own. As she explores the beautiful building, however, she begins to see movement in the shadows, finding mysterious rooms not on the gird, hearing voices…. Can she uncover the ugly past behind the building’s beautiful veneer….? Atmospheric and simply gorgeous to look at, one for all you urban explorers!

Till next time, Be Afraid…..

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