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HORROR BITES: March 2015

Posted on: March 4th, 2015

emily-booth-horrorbites111March is looking good on Horror Channel with terrifying tornadoes, sadistic psychos, free running zombies, Mila Jovovitch, Quentin Tarantino, unfeasibly hot chicks and ummm Danny Dyer doing his best Danny Dyer.

Our big premiere in March is Quentin Tarantino’s homage to Grindhouse ‘Death Proof.’ Most of us know this film was originally released as a double bill with Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror complete with fake ‘video nasty-esque’ trailers to play between the two movies, one of which I was lucky enough to act in; the ‘Don’t’ trailer directed by Shaun of the Dead’s Edgar Wright. I had a brief moment running away from a hairy rampant man but it was probably the biggest budget thing I’ve ever done!

DEATH PROOF   Saturday 28th March 22.35    Network premiere
This is Tarantino through and through complete with his staple killer soundtrack, bad girls, sharp dialogue, foot fetish, car chases and lap dances. In one fell swoop Tarantino reignited the ‘Grindhouse’ genre bringing the exploitation movies of the 70’s back to a new audience, some of whom had never even heard of this dubious underdog genre. Kurt Russell plays Stuntman Mike, a misogynist loner with a badass pimped up car and a penchant for mechanical murder. Specifically targeting insanely hot chicks he takes them for one hell of a ride. But there’s a second gang of divas in town determined to get revenge on the stuntman for the sake of babe kind. With celluloid scratches, missing reels and bad sound this feels like the real deal!

A PERFECT GETAWAY  Saturday 14th March 21.00  Network premiere
I have a lot of time for model turned actress Milla Jovovich. Not many models can pull off ‘badass’ convincingly and she’s not afraid to take on strange roles like LeeLoo in Fifth Element. Known also for the Resident Evil films (God she gets the best jobs!) she’s taking a break from zombie action in this horror and instead takes to the lush jungles of stunning Hawaii for an adventure that turns sour. While on their honeymoon a young couple trekking through the jungle discover a pair of psychopaths are on the loose looking for the recently wed in a bid to wrench their teeth out. Why? Hell knows, this is one stunning looking thriller / whodunit with Jovovich. Enough said.

THE COLLECTION   Saturday 21st March 22.50   UK Premiere
Back in 2009 director Marcus Dunstan gave us a fun movie of the ‘gore gadgetry’ ilk (best seen in the Saw movies) with The Collector. It was obviously successful enough to warrant a sequel and this does what all good sequels should do. Up the ante, the blood, the gore, the budget and the back-story. The Collection sees the same gizmo loving psycho build more elaborate mantraps in a bid to secure his next ‘specimen.’ The film opens with a night club scene and mere minutes into the movie it’s clear you’re onto a winner as the partygoers are suddenly mashed up on mass by an exceedingly elaborate and horrific lawn mower-esque device hung from the ceiling that rips into their drugged up brains! A girl is trapped into his warehouse rigged up with the latest in torture technology, can the Collectors last surviving victim help the police find her before she too becomes nothing more than a grotesque work of art?

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND  Friday 27th 22.45  Network Premiere
OK we all know Danny Dyer is like marmite, love him or hate him. Well maybe not love but like a bit at least for his horror movie involvement (you must admit he’s good in Severance and Doghouse!) Anyway – thankfully he is not the highlight in this pacey action zombie thriller set in an apocalyptic London. After a medical company test their performance-enhancing drug on thousands of volunteers – they all turn into ravenous free running brain dead killing machines. All except one, a girl called Angela played by MyAnna Buring. So the hunt is now on to find the one person who did not become zombified in a bid to find a cure. Ok it’s not 28 Days Later but it’s one entertaining zombie ride!

NAILBITER   Friday 20th 21.00  UK Premiere
It’s not often we talk about the weather on Horror but when a terrifying tornado brings with it a supernatural twist – things start to get really interesting! A mother and her three daughters are driving to collect their husband / father but a weather announcement warns of a severe tornado coming their way and it becomes clear they must seek immediate shelter or die. On finding a seemingly abandoned outhouse it seems they are out of harms way but relief is short lived when strange creatures emerge trapping them inside the shelter. This is a character driven creature horror with a twist.

So that’s March wrapped in plastic and dumped on your doorstep – next month we up the ante with our season of catastrophe classics in our Apocalypse Season for which we go all out and film my links on an ex RAF base!

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