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Posted on: June 8th, 2015

emily-booth-horrorbitesaSummer is officially upon us (yeah!) but here at Horror it’s more scream than ice cream with our superb Twisted Killers season every Saturday night in June as we delve into the dark hearts of those meticulous, gadget – loving killers who see death as pure art form.

First up one for all those who loved David Fincher’s Se7en with a macabre thriller exploring similar biblical themes. Horsemen stars a world weary Dennis Quaid as an over worked detective and father of two boys grieving the death of their mother. A grizzly find of human teeth in what appears to be a symbolic and ritualistic murder leads the detective down a dark path as he uncovers a biblical modus operandi behind the killings. Victims hung up by their skin in gruesome poses with the message “Come and See’ written in blood. Horror turns to outright fear when he realizes the true motive behind the killings and his own connection to them. I really enjoyed this stylish thriller, it’s not often such themes are explored (I can’t divulge the true motive here or I’d be spoiling the twist!) let’s just say it’s a chilling reminder to all the parents of this world…..

HORSEMEN    Network premiere   Saturday June 6th    22.50

Next up the directorial debut from the writer of SAW 4,5 and 6 Marcus Dunstan comes this contraption – loving killer in the same vein as Jigsaw. In fact the movie was originally intended to be a prequel to SAW but mutated into The Collector. A desperate man, Arkin (Josh Stewart The Walking Dead) plans to rob his wealthy boss, but when he breaks into their home he discovers to his horror someone got there first. Someone not with burglary in mind, but murder as he finds the family trapped in the basement cowering for their lives. The collector has chosen them for his next little grotesque art project and turned the house into an elaborate death trap. Can Arkin outwit the psycho?  Expect hooks, blades, barb wire and electrocution in this bloody shocker!

THE COLLECTOR   UK Premiere   Saturday June 13th   22.50

Following on from the events of the first comes this insane sequel! Yes if a sequel is worth its weight it ups the ante on every level and The Collection certainly does this and more with the most outrageous killer contraption I’ve ever seen making human laundry out of about 50 nightclub goers within the first 10 minutes. You’ll know what I mean when you see it! But literally a huge blade spinning gadget lowers itself from the ceiling and ‘mows’ peoples heads and limbs off; this has to be seen to be believed. This time a young woman becomes the object of The Collectors desire, the lucky girl, as she is trapped in a warehouse of even more elaborate death traps and suspended grotesque human body sculpture. Gunther Von Hagens eat your heart out!

THE COLLECTION    Saturday June 20th   22.50

The last film in our Twisted Killers Season is the controversial 1960 classic Peeping Tom. The ultimate in psychological horror the viewer sees how a man can become such a damaged individual; a subject of his fathers experimental up bringing Mark Lewis has become obsessed with the face of fear. More specifically capturing it. He has taken to murdering woman quite literally with his camera filming the entire process from capture to death, recording their changing expressions from disbelief to pleading to total and utter fear. He begins to game -play with the police as he leads them right to his door – but to what end?

PEEPING TOM   Saturday June 27th   22.50

Asides from the Twisted Killers season to keep you busy Saturdays we have premieres every Friday night too (we just keep on giving) so you might just want to hurry home to Horror weekends in June!

OUTPOST: BLACK SUN:  UK Premiere   Friday 5th 21.00

We all know the ultimate in evil is that deadliest of combinations; Nazis and zombies. Almost becoming a sub genre in itself with a few entries to this particular arena, OUTPOST has notched up a firm fan base. This sequel of sorts follows Lena as she hunts down notorious Nazi war criminal Klausener. It seems his sinister technology to create an army of immortal Nazi zombies is far from dead and buried as NATO troops uncover an unstoppable enemy; can she bring them down?

ALMOST HUMAN:   UK Premiere   Friday 9th   22.55

With more than a nod and a wink to the horrors of the 1980’s comes this fun Sci Fi / Slasher mash up set in 1987. When Mark Fisher disappears in a flash of blue light his friend and partner must presume him dead but when he suddenly shows up naked in the woods and covered in goo 2 years later; it’s clear Mark has been on one twisted journey. Problem is Mark is not the same man who left as a string of violent grizzly murders follows him wherever he goes. He is no longer of this world, he’s just Almost Human!

SOLSTICE:   UK TV Premiere   Sunday 21st June   21.00

From The Blair Witch Project Writer/Co Director Daniel Myrick comes this supernatural teen horror co starring a rather under used but always wonderful to watch Amanda Seyfried. A girl grieving the suicide of her twin sister heads to their lakeside holiday home (way to get over a creepy death!) with her friends for a break but instead begins to feel her sister’s presence. On the longest day of the year when voices from the other side are at their strongest; is someone trying to get a message across?

13 EERIE   UK Premiere   Friday 26th June   22.50

Kathryn Isabelle has a firm place in most horror movie fans hearts, mine included and even more so after I interviewed her for American Mary. She truly rocks and loves a gritty strong role. Here she plays one of 6 forensic students all bidding for a coveted job with the FBI on a field trip to an isolated Island to examine and report back on staged murder scenes using real dead bodies. Interesting premise. However, some of the bodies are not quite dead and with the realization that the Island harbours a hideous past involving biological experiments with prison inmates; a dream job becomes a rather small priority when zombies are on your ass.

So that’s it for June; Twisted Killers season is truly worth a hook and if you want to comment on any of the films then tweet us using #twistedkillers

See you on the other side dudes.

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