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Posted on: July 2nd, 2014

Where would Horror be without the ‘teenager?’ Well it probably wouldn’t exist would it? Those pubescent years are an explosion of anger, torment, bodily change, sex, lust, rebellion, experimentation, confusion and ultimately the difficult transition from child to adult. Goodbye fantasy, goodbye innocence.

These are fertile themes for the genre and you could write a whole book on hormonal horror as I like to call it, charting how the teenager is responsible for the ‘Rules of the Slasher’ or how Body Horror provides a metaphor for the physical changes a teenager experiences (especially a girl with all that blood loss and burgeoning sexuality!). But we don’t have time for that so instead I direct your attention to Horror Channel’s new film season ‘Xtreme Teens’ kicking off Saturday July 5th featuring ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, THE LOVED ONES, GINGER SNAPS and the network premiere of HARD CANDY. Yes teenagers are a passionate tormented bunch, until the weight of the world destroys their spirit and they get mortgages and have kids of course….

Fri 4 July @ 22:55 – SEXY KILLER (2008) *UK TV Premiere
We do need a bit of light relief in horror of course, so step up to the plate SEXY KILLER! The long overdue UK TV premiere of this kitsch colourful movie providing a mash up of serial killing, weird science and zombies! Barbara is one hell of a girl, a gorgeous promising medical student, who likes shopping, and a spot of serial killing. But being such an unlikely killer, how do the police even stand a chance figuring out who is leaving a pile of bodies in their wake? What’s hilarious here is Barbara’s intimate chat to the viewer directly into camera revealing all about her psyche, making her one likeable charismatic killer

Sat 5 July @ 22:50 – ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE (2006)
A stylish twist on teen horror comes a film and a female protagonist full of surprises revelling in the clichés of the slasher before turning them on its head. Titular role Mandy (Amber Heard) is the virginal perfect girl all the boys want to bed. And they plan to do so during a debauched weekend trip to a ranch. But the party and their dubious plans are stopped when a killer turns up to get rid of the jocks, geeks and bitches whose eyes are all on Mandy Lane…..

Sat 12 July @ 22:50 – GINGER SNAPS (2000)
Falling into the Body Horror vein comes this simply amazing and original entry into the Werewolf genre using the age old myth of the lycanthrope as a metaphor for the somewhat unpleasant and frightening changes a girl goes through when she enters womanhood. The character of Ginger is played to perfection by Katharine Isabelle as she not only straddles the onset of menstruation (‘the curse’ as she calls it) but also the physical horror of turning into a werewolf! One of my favourite werewolf movies ever.

Sat 19 July @ 22:50 – THE LOVED ONES (2009)
Director Sean Byrne’s hilariously dark and supremely confident mash-up of MISERY, SAW and CARRIE! Young Lola has set her psychotic sights on cute classmate Brent to be her perfect albeit private Prom Night date! Devoted yet demented Daddy kidnaps him for Lola’s entertainment and all manner of torture and torment ensues! Proof that teenage love really is hell!

Sat 26 July @ 22:50 – HARD CANDY (2005) Network TV Premiere
Taking the difficult, controversial and somewhat taboo subject of paedophilia this provocative thriller follows canny 14 year old Hayley (Ellen Page) on a quest to punish men who take advantage of underage girls. A real heroine for pretty much every girl out there boldly going where we wish we had at some time or another. However, not to be too black and white the film poses difficult questions about who is grooming who, and what is right and wrong. Tense and brilliant, this is a must see and provides a fitting climax to the Xtreme Teens Season.

These are my top highlights but also to look out for on the channel are the network TV premieres of HUSK (Sat 11th July 22.55) and CUBE 2 HYPERCUBE (Fri 18th 22.50) – we all loved CUBE and with a bigger budget the deadly labyrinth of booby traps is back with 8 strangers waking up inside with no memory and needing to use their wits and skills to get through this high tech killer maze!


Lastly, calling all Dr Who fans! We want you to choose and vote for your favourite Classic Doctor Who storyline from a list of 20 storylines. “You Choose Who” is a fan choice weekend on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July which allows the top 8 adventures to be broadcast over the weekend and there’s an additional chance to win an exclusive Dr Who T-Shirt too.

You can vote from the 7th to the 18th of JULY. Find out more on the Horror FB page!

That’s it for now till next time Let the Nightmare Begin!

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