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HORROR BITES: January 2015

Posted on: January 5th, 2015

emily-booth-horrorbites11So how was 2014 for you? For me it flashed faster than a slash from Michael Myers (and by slash I mean ‘of the knife’ not the toilet) but to quickly reflect, it has been a very experimental year for the horror genre. From Horns to The Babdook to Zombeavers every nook and cranny has been explored and exploited, new talent found (The Babadook) and horror clichés reworked (Zombeavers) but never one to live in the past let’s see what goodies Horror Channel has in store to bring 2015 (are we living in the future?!) kicking and screaming into your living room.

First up, there’s nothing quite like a gang of cannibalistic hillbillies to shake me out of the January blues and we have two movies from the formidable Wrong Turn series to offer you; bring on the blood!

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead    Network Premiere   Saturday 10th 10.50pm
Oh why do these half wits keep going the wrong way and getting themselves killed?! Well lucky for us they do or we’d be dangerously low on mutant cannibal horror movies. The third in the series takes the idea of convicts versus cannibals as a prison transfer bus driving through serious Backwoods territory is intercepted by a deranged cannibal and driven off course. After the crash the hardcore convicts alongside their prison guards must band together if they are to survive the wrath of Three Finger from the previous two installments. Be warned this movie is ALL about the gore and that’s pretty much it. Yum.

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings   Network Premiere  Saturday 17th 10.50pm
Director Declan O’Brien from Wrong Turn 3 returns to bring the story back to the beginning so we get to see the origin of those bloody brothers; 3 Finger, One Eye and Saw Tooth. You see gut munching, head crunching and bone cracking does not go down too well in the eyes of the mental health act and so, as youngsters the three detestable brothers were locked in an asylum. But this only provides the hungry trio with a ready source of human canapés! Whizz forward a few years and the asylum, now abandoned provides sanctuary for a group of teens stranded in the snow. But of course the asylum is not as abandoned as they thought as the sound of gut munching head crunching and bone cracking is heard once again…..!

Devil in the Woods:    UK Premiere    Saturday 24th 9pm
Girls everywhere will be in a frenzy for this UK premiere as True Blood stud Stephen Moyer stars in this family drama come creature feature from the director of SAW 2,3 and 4. Moyer plays a father desperate to escape city life for some back to nature survivalist fun in the Pine Barrens with his new wife and two kids. However once the daughter reads up on the area and discovers the myth of the Jersey Devil, an evil seed has been planted. When Daddy begins seeing shadows in the woods, is he seeing the legendary Jersey Devil or is it all in his unraveling mind?

Julia X    UK Premiere     Saturday 31st  10.45pm
And now time for some sexy fun with a killer twist! For those of you who’ve ‘experimented’ with the online dating scene you’ll think twice before believing anyone’s dating profile after watching this little gem! Starring Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame (yup!) as a psychopath who uses a dating site to lure in female victims he then brands with a letter from the alphabet, nice! He’s got all the way to the letter X the sicko but, in an ironic twist of fate has the ‘matching’ service of the dating site actually worked this time? Has he met his match in more ways than one with Julia?! With the tagline “Sex Blood Revenge – And that’s just their first date!” I’m sold!

So that’s January wrapped. No need to be blue after all!

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