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HORROR BITES: December 2015

Posted on: December 1st, 2015

emily-booth-horrorbitesaSo as we hammer the last nail of 2015 into the coffin Horror Channel has some killer premieres this month including some superb antidotes to those unbearably cute Christmas movies over the holidays but it’s really 2016 we’re excited about as we rise from the grave with Xtreme Season in January; avant garde horror films that have shocked, stunned and dipped more than just a severed toe in the taboo. Look out for my next Horror Bites column for all you need on some amazing gross out horror in the new year; here’s an exclusive clue; You wouldn’t want to be at the ‘bottom’ end of this food chain…..

In the meantime check out December and get some festive fear in your sacks.

First up comes the third installment of the popular flesh eating saga originally brought to you by Horror pin up boy Eli Roth who certainly knew how to get under your skin with Cabin Fever, then of course came Cabin Fever 2 Spring Fever from the brilliant Ti West (although we all know he had problems on that one poor chap!) but this coming Friday 4th Dec we have the origin of this nasty little species in this prequel of sorts with

Far from the cabin in the woods, this time a bachelor party charter a luxury yacht to a seemingly uninhabited tropical Island, but after a spot of snorkeling one girl gets the bug and the skin peeling, putrifying begins! And… yes you’ve guessed it the Island is of course not as deserted as it seemed but rather the site of a secret medical facility housing ‘patient zero’ a sinister doctor and one viscous virus that could literally strip mankind to the bone. On the verge of a global pandemic there’s one man who’s not just a carrier of the flesh eating disease he’s the cure; he’s patient Zero. With a whole lot of gruesome, throbbing, puke inducing gore to be had there’s some real gross out loveliness here and well worth a punt.

STATIC    UK TV PREMIERE    FRI 11th DEC   21.00
Next up comes a slow burning character driven piece full to the brim of atmosphere, suspense and comes with a refreshing twist in the tail. Marking the film debut for Todd Levin he managed to bring together quite a cast with Hero’s pretty boy Milo Ventimiglia and The Innkeepers Sara Paxton into the fold. Jonathan and Addie are two grieving parents barely able to go on with life after losing their son. But life’s about to derail them even further when a mysterious terrified blonde comes knocking on their door claiming strange men are after her. They invite her in but in so doing also invite an ominous threat; a gas mask wearing gang of entities who want them dead. There’s a smart little twist in this one so I won’t say anymore!

A refreshing entry into the zombie genre here with a period drama come western undead flick driven by mood and characterization rather than gore and even has a voice over from legend Brian Cox!

Set against the backdrop of the American Civil War a veteran returns home only to find the landscape, and people decimated by a zombie plague. The futility of war being explored here perhaps? With his wife and son succumbed to the virus he sets off alone to hunt down the brain munchers, his thoughts kept inside a journal brought to life by the enigmatic Brian Cox. Things are looking proper grim until he meets up with another survivor.

If you’re a zombie fan feeling a little bored of the usual output check this out for its moody arthouse feel and character driven horror.

Now we all know the Xmas drill Grandad snoring mid speech, same old dinner, same old tree, same old songs, same old films? Wizard of Oz maybe?! How about The Sound of Music?! P-lease. No, here at Horror we have the perfect antidote to all of that with the UK TV premiere of SILENT NIGHT! Yes Santa is slashing through the snow in this slice of festive fear starring thespian Malcolm McDowel and Jamie King. Now we all know the grand tradition of the Christmas Horror movie – Gremlins is of course a favourite, or for a darker tone, previous Horror Channel favourite Black Christmas. This year we continue this grand tradition with another slasher premiere, a loose remake of Silent night Deadly night, another psycho santa is on the loose and this one’s delivering some very special bespoke punishments to all the bad little boys and girls in town. Among Santa’s hit list are the unfaithful, the ungrateful and the unwholesome. So get ready for death by reindeer, woodchipper and fairy lights in this comedic horror!

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