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Great Activities to Accompany a Scary Movie Night

Posted on: August 30th, 2021

Scary movies are probably one of the most intense and enjoyable forms of entertainment available today, and if you are planning on having a scary movie night with a few of your friends, then you might want to consider some additional activities to make the night even better. So whether you are looking for ways to make the night spookier or more entertaining, this article aims to offer suggestions that are helpful to you.

Play Some Games
One of the best things to follow up a scary movie with is a good game; whether you are looking for a scary game to double down on the thrill, or a cheerful one to lighten the mood, there are plenty of options.

Video Games. Some of the best horror games ever made were video games, which means if you are looking for a way to make the night even scarier, you have many options available to you. From Outlast to Amnesia, there are many games and series that would make even the bravest of souls quake with fear. Plus, if you’re looking for a less spooky option to help calm down and relax, then video games can help with that too. So whether you’re looking to plant your crops in Minecraft or take advantage of online casino bonuses, there are a ton of ways to cool off with video games.

Read Scary Stories
Alternatively, if you are looking to make use of a dark atmosphere and some spooked-out friends, then a great way to keep the horror train rolling is to start reading scary stories together in the dark. Whether you decide to look online or in books for scary stories, there is no shortage of options that will frighten and disturb you. In fact, you could even put on a horror podcast such as “The No Sleep Podcast” that will read scary stories to you, so that you can all be part of the spooky reading, without having to keep a light to read by,

Stay Awake by Candlelight
By its very nature, fire is flickery and insubstantial, giving off erratic and uneven lighting. This makes candlelight one of the best ways to light your room when you are watching scary movies, and if you are having something of a spooky night with your friends, then you should absolutely use candles over anything else to keep your room lit as it will give the get together a distinctly spookier vibe.

Play Around with Makeup
Finally, one of the most fun and interesting things you could probably do on one of these nights together is to break out the makeup and try to recreate the looks of some of your favourite horror movie characters. Whether you are trying to capture the flame-scorched skin of Freddy Kruger or the creepy makeup of Pennywise, there is no limit to the kind of fun you and your friends could have trying to make each other as creepy as possible.

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