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Posted on: January 21st, 2024

Just weeks after setting a Halloween 2024 release date and losing its main star, Blumhouse’s Wolf Man remake gets another casting update. Ozark star Julia Garner has been announced to star in the project alongside Ryan Gosling’s replacement Christopher Abbott. Garner, a hot commodity in Hollywood following multiple Emmy wins, will play the mother of …Read More

Posted on: January 19th, 2024

There has been no shortage of legendary children’s characters entering the horror sphere of late. With Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, its upcoming sequel and Cinderella’s Curse to name a few, it seems our childhood friends will have a blood-thirsty edge for some time to come. Now, perhaps the most prominent and beloved cartoon …Read More

Posted on: January 17th, 2024

In a deal that has taken over a year to finalise, a merger between Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions and James Wan’s Atomic Monster has been completed. “It’s official! The preeminent homes for horror are now under one roof. Blumhouse and Atomic Monster have joined forces,” Blumhouse wrote in a post on X. An accompanying video …Read More

Posted on: January 15th, 2024

“The best way to control those that don’t believe… is to create something to fear.” Despite receiving considerable attention from most mainstream media outlets, it seems audiences simply weren’t aware that a prequel to 1976’s The Omen was in the works. Hence, there was a lot of shock and surprise when the first teaser trailer …Read More

Posted on: January 13th, 2024

It’s undoubtedly one of the most anticipated genre movies of the new year, and now we’re delighted to know just a little bit more about it. MaXXXine is writer/director Ti West’s final entry into the trilogy he began with 2022’s X and its prequel Pearl. Described as a “whodunnit slasher,” MaXXXine will pick up where …Read More

Posted on: January 11th, 2024

Are you ready to go back to school? Incredibly, Robert Rodriguez’s The Faculty turned 25 years old on December 25th 2023. Just days before the big anniversary, reports began to surface that a remake was in the works. Very little is known about the project, and it must be stressed that it still may not …Read More

Posted on: January 10th, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of video games, one genre consistently stands out for its ability to captivate players by immersing them in spine-chilling experiences – atmospheric horror. This article embarks on a journey into the meticulous artistry that transforms mere pixels into nightmarish landscapes, exploring the elements that work in harmony to create an atmosphere …Read More

Posted on: January 9th, 2024

In the latest devastating blow to Scream 7, but one few are surprised by, director Christopher Landon has exited the project. Landon, known for the enormously popular Happy Death Day films, announced his departure on December 23rd through an official statement, stating he’d left weeks prior. “I guess now is as good a time as …Read More

Posted on: January 4th, 2024

Just a couple of weeks ago, we brought you the news that Robert Eggers remake of the 1922 classic Nosferatu would release on December 25th 2024. Now we’ve got some brand-new images, giving us our first look at what to expect in the film, and there’s one image that’s got everyone talking. Surrounded by flames …Read More

Posted on: January 3rd, 2024

It was a great thrill for horror fans to see Courteney Cox back on the small screen after a sizeable stretch away. What’s more, we couldn’t believe she was headlining a genre project with Starz’s series Shining Vale. However, fans will get to see no more of the comedic, yet still terrifying adventures of psychic …Read More

Posted on: January 2nd, 2024

Just a couple of weeks ago we speculated that Renny Harlin’s The Strangers: Chapter One was about to announce a February release date. Although the word came from a trusted source, we did speculate how that would leave time for lengthy promo and hype. Well, it seems the news gods have heard our musings, as …Read More

Posted on: December 31st, 2023

It’s been quite the difficult project for them, but we can now confirm that production has wrapped on Radio Silence’s “Untitled Monster Movie” for Universal. Production began back in June, with filming on location in Dublin, however, the project was quickly shut down due to the SAG-AFTRA strike paralysing Hollywood. Further heartbreak occurred with the …Read More

Posted on: December 30th, 2023

Well… who could’ve seen this coming? Evidently not Spyglass Media Group. In the latest twist to the ongoing Scream 7 saga, trusted sources are telling us that Spyglass Media Group have reached out to actress Melissa Barrera to build bridges. The studio’s move comes after it was reported on November 22nd that Barrera had been …Read More

Posted on: December 29th, 2023

Blumhouse continue their hard turn into R-rated horror, shying away from their PG-13 beginnings with James Watkins’ Speak No Evil” remake. The film, an English-language version of the harrowing 2022 Danish tale, has received an R rating from the MPA, specifically for “strong violence and sexual content.” As we reported back in the summer, Speak …Read More

Posted on: December 29th, 2023

A sequel to 2009’s chilling killer kid tale Orphan was long rumoured to be in the works. However, the project was trapped in development hell for so long that plans changed, turning the sequel into a prequel that would see release in 2022. Following the rather unexpected positive reception to Orphan: First Kill, there are …Read More

Posted on: December 28th, 2023

As we reported last week, Season 3 of USA and SyFy’s Chucky is back before the cameras following the Hollywood shutdown. Now, the series has dropped even more exciting news as fans eagerly await the second half of the third season. Series creator Don Mancini continues his trend of bringing back past actors in different …Read More

Posted on: December 28th, 2023

A Collection of Brain Eating Zombie Horror Comics The Flesh-Eating anthology is back! Featuring a creative cast of incredible international talent. In ‘Bloody Good Time’ Desperate and alone, an undercover cop tries to make his way out of a biker club. Definitely not the groovy night he was looking for. Story by Mark Kidwell, Script …Read More

Posted on: December 27th, 2023

Universal and Blumhouse’s attempt to reboot the classic monster movies of yesteryear got some good news and some bad news this week, but is pressing ahead regardless. It was announced in 2020 following the success of Whannell’s remake of The Invisible Man, that Whannell would also helm a reimaging of 1941’s The Wolf Man. Subsequently, …Read More

Posted on: December 27th, 2023

Terrifier 3 got some promising updates this past week, following the flurry of positive press created by the recent release of a teaser trailer and poster a few weeks ago. The promo material saw Art the Clown stepping into the role of Santa, and promised that Terrifier 3 will join the iconic ranks of the …Read More

Posted on: December 26th, 2023

“The power of Christ compels you!” It certainly does… In fact, whatever power compels audiences to see 1973’s The Exorcist has endured for an incredible five decades now. That’s right, if you can believe it, December 26th 2023 marks 50 years since The Exorcist hit screens and changed cinema forever. Upon its release, the film …Read More

Posted on: December 24th, 2023

As we reported back in March, Sony Pictures issued a press release, seemingly confirming that a new chapter of the I Know What You Did Last Summer saga was in the works. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson was on board to direct and allegedly already had a script complete. Most exciting of all, attached to the announcement …Read More

Posted on: December 23rd, 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… To that end Sony Pictures have decided it’s the perfect time to release the first poster for their upcoming winter-themed sequel Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Certainly living up to that title, the poster very much apes the 2021 poster for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. However, this time, instead of being …Read More

Posted on: December 22nd, 2023

The game continues… Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures surprised everyone this past week with the announcement of an eleventh Saw entry. In a social media post, all three shared an image of Roman Numerals communicating that the eleventh Saw film would hit theatres on September 27th 2024. This is absolutely no surprise, despite the unexpected timing …Read More

Posted on: December 21st, 2023

We barely had time to get our first Saw story written before we were given our first real development! However, this is a development that has somewhat dulled fans excitement at the announcement of an eleventh film. Unfortunately, Saw X screenwriters Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger won’t be returning to write the next chapter. Stolberg …Read More

Posted on: December 21st, 2023

“We all go a little mad sometimes…” That’s certainly what the world thought when it was announced in 1998 that acclaimed filmmaker Gus Van Sant would be remaking Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. The was one prevailing question… why? Most believed Hitchcock’s film was still as effective almost four decades later and there was little point to …Read More

Posted on: December 20th, 2023

In an opening line that’ll make you feel old… It’s been almost 15 years since 2009’s Sorority Row hit screens. The 2009 slasher came as the remake trend was beginning to dwindle in Hollywood, and the reimagining of Mark Rosman’s 1983 slasher House on Sorority Row was one of the last to hit the big …Read More

Posted on: December 20th, 2023

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Hacking up the many sequels of Leatherface (Part 1) ANOTHER SHARK SEQUEL The Making of JAWS 3D BLACK ART ANXIETIES Remembering To The Devil A Daughter THE HOUSE OF CRAZIES Revisiting Asylum CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPIRE HUNTER Swashbuckling Hammer Horror examined PUMPKINHEAD Brian Bremer on 35 years of Stan Winston’s vengeful demon …Read More

Posted on: December 20th, 2023

Horror movies have been making audiences hide behind their hands for over a century – creating one of the most enduring and popular genres in film history. The roots of horror cinema can be traced back to the silent film era. Georges Méliès’ Le Manoir du Diable, ‘The Devil’s Mansion’, of 1896 is usually considered …Read More

Posted on: December 19th, 2023

In some surprising but welcome news, Screen Gems have announced they will be making horror content their “top priority.” To that end, they have recruited It scribe and regular James Wan collaborator Gary Dauberman to oversee their content overhaul. Screen Gems, a division of Sony Pictures, has been quiet for some time, with their last …Read More

Posted on: December 17th, 2023

It a really good time for Eli Roth. The filmmaker has just made his return to R-rated horror with Thanksgiving. The film was critically lauded and a moderate box-office success, with a sequel being greenlit just three weeks after release. Now, it appears Roth is reflecting on his legacy and the movies that put him …Read More

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