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Best and Worst Horror Movies Set or Filmed in Las Vegas

Posted on: May 17th, 2018

Horror movies have been a popular choice for movie buffs and there have been some amazing films that have been made that focus on Vegas. Unfortunately, some of the worst horror movies also exist that have been filmed in this location. While most will agree that the best way to experience Vegas is to physically be there, there are also other ways to get close to Sin City. For those that love the thrills, glitz and glamour of the city, there are some great flicks that are based on Vegas. Alternatively, those who love to gamble can enjoy the same types of excitement as they would in Vegas casinos by accessing online sites, such as the top rated Casumo online casino. Even those who do not have a love for gambling will enjoy learning about some of the movies that have been set or filmed in Vegas, so here, we take a look at the best and the worst.

The Best Vegas Horror Films
Sin City has been a prime location for many movies and some of the top rated horror films offer viewers a taste to the excitement of the city. One of the great films based on Vegas is Hostel III. The third of the series is loaded with violence and gore and throughout the film, viewers will see the scary side to Vegas, much different that the glitzy portrayal of the city in other films.

Another great movie is Vegas Vampires. As the title states, this movie is about the vampires that reside on the streets of Vegas. These bloodsucking creatures are found on the strip and cause a number of problems for those visiting or living in Vegas. Though Vegas Vampires was a low budget movie, it was successful on the screen, mainly due to the vampire theme, which attracts many horror movie buffs. Resident Evil: Extinction is another movie set in Vegas and it features a post-apocalyptic version of Sin City. While viewers won’t enjoy the well-known glamor of Caesars Palace in this movie, they will enjoy an edge of the seat thriller.

The Not So Great Horrors Set in Vegas
While a number of movies have successfully been filmed or use scenes from Vegas, there are some horror movies that have been a complete failure. Leprechaun 3 is probably one of the worst Vegas set films of all time. The movie appears to be more silly than scary and the film is confusing. The film starts with an animated opening and ends with the same king if closing, making it an odd way to begin and end a film that is supposed to be classified as horror.

The Las Vegas Serial Killer was released back in 1986 and was a flop at the box office. Many critics stated the film should have been used for torture purposes in prisons instead of being shown on the big screen. The movie follows a recently released inmate who chooses to stalk and kill victims in Vegas. The movie has more walking scenes than any other and critics over the years have deemed this the worst movie to ever feature Vegas.

Vegas has been the chosen setting for many horror films over the years. Some use clips of the city or popular gambling spots while others are completely filmed in Vegas or on the strip. Vegas is a perfect setting for murders, vampires and zombies to appear which is why it has been a chosen location for the filming of a number of horror movies over the years.

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