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A Quiet Place – Horror Movie Review

Posted on: October 23rd, 2020

If you are really into horror movies, you couldn’t afford to miss watching John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place.” This movie is designed to make the viewer an active participant in tension. This movie is not like usual horror movies where you passively sit and watch unfolding horror.

Horror movies become great movies because of the characters’ active participation and the cinematic exercise playing out before us. Films like these are a roller coaster thrilling rise, and these kinds of movies can elevate your heart beats and play with your expectations while you are thinking about the characters.

In simple words, “A Quiet Place” is a state of an art movie. You can enjoy this movie with products from an online vape shop.

Krasinski wrote this script with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck. It is a family movie, and we see a family in this movie. Krasinki plays the father, Emily Blunt plays a mother, and there are three children in this movie; Noah Jupe, Millicent, Simmonds, and Cade Woodward. The eldest girl is deaf.

You will see that this story starts with Day 89, so it is a post-apocalyptic world in the starting scene. This family very slowly and silently- on tiptoes moves around a small city store and take some supplies and some prescription drugs for the older boy because it looks like he has the flu. All of them are communicating in sign language, and they are conscientious not to make a sound.

But the youngest boy draws a rocket on the floor, which is the most dangerous thing he did, which will jeopardize the safety of the whole family. This sound welcomes the danger of the world. It is a breath-taking scene. But a small boy doesn’t have any sense that he is in trouble now.

This youngest boy finds a toy that makes the sound, and anything with sound or noise is dangerous for these people. This family moves quietly to survive, and a mother to 38 weeks pregnant. She is expecting a baby, but it is challenging to labor without noise, and the father is continuously searching for the research and articles that help stop these creatures.

These creatures kill or destroy anything that makes the slightest sound, including humans.

Krasinski is incredibly smart so that he doesn’t reflect the creature like in other movies, Alien or Jurassic Park, but the auditory play game. He knows about the connections and mindset of the viewer.

So, he started to play with their audience, and spectacularly displayed these creatures. He shows us a shotgun or an exposed nail on the floor, or even a timer in silence can create disaster. Krasinski doesn’t overplay all of these, but it is a perfect mixture of horror and survival instinct.

There is no place for wind chimes or broken glass in this movie. It is a very subtle and clear storytelling that the director made to create tension. Directors and Co-screenwriters are not permitted to use dialogues in the screenplay. All of these things worked combined and make this masterpiece.

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