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A Guide to a Career in Visual Effects

Posted on: March 22nd, 2022

The visual effect industry is constantly evolving, which makes a career in visual effects among the most puzzling and at the same time interesting. It demands creative thinking, storytelling idea, and using ground-breaking media tools and technologies to come up with an attractive product. For this reason, we are seeing the sum of 3D films increasing and the demand for VFX artists growing as well. today, we are seeing more and more of the UK and ESA based production houses and studios outsourcing visual effects related works to India. Do not forget, the job prospects of this are also growing.

If you are interested in a vocation in the visual effects industry, below are 5 important factors you need to remember: –

i) Have A Clear Foundation (prioritise the fundamentals) – for you to build a strong foundation in the visual effects industry, you have to prioritise the fundamentals. What does this mean? Well, you should learn how to work with different types of visual effect software; know the basic course content such as story-boarding, digital design, photography, and cinematography. All in all, you should always and continuously experiment with different visual effect tools and adapt the skills to work in different environmental setups.

ii) Have showreels – For you to build a strong portfolio, you have to create your own showreels. The goal of having showreels is to help you showcase your best work. This means that it will play an important role during interviews. It is wise to have updated, simple, short, and yet informative showreels.

iii) Join an institute that specializes in animation and visual effects courses – This is very important and in fact, you should prioritize this before you jump into the VFX career. It is wise to ensure the team you join is specialized in visual effects and animation. Think Tank Training Centre is very highly regarded in these circles.

The class should be equipped with the state of the art equipment and visual effect studios. Having access to a VFX studio and state of the art equipment will help you gain in-depth knowledge about the industry.

iv) Make the most of your creative mind – A career in visual effects demands creativity. Therefore, as you are planning to get into an occupation in the VFX industry, give shape to your imagination. Work on turning your imagination into reality. Do not forget that the spectacular VFX you create for a video clip or film your audience will never forget.

v) Be a team player – It is important to note that visual effects and animation projects often involve many people. It is a project that involves groups of people working in different areas or tasks. For this reason, you have to learn to be a team player. Always have a positive attitude and encourage team members to deliver without fear. All you have to do is communicate your ideas clearly and offer constructive feedback if needed.

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