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Posted on: January 16th, 2020

Halloween is a time when a miscellaneous creature of the night start crawling out and put the world in terror. Well, while this is not entirely true, Hollywood definitely hasn’t got an issue with turning the scare of the supernatural into movies worth millions at the box office. And it’s not just Hollywood, to be honest. Even casinos love Halloween, and they put a great emphasis on the promotions and games they run around that time of the year – just read our Grand Mondial Casino review, and you will see for yourself.

We have seen a spike in great Halloween movies that will keep you on edge, and today we take a look at a handful of the blood-curdling titles that won’t let you have a shut-eye for a few hours after you have seen them.

Hereditary must be one of the scariest movies made lately. After her estranged mother dies, Annie’s world is invaded by strangeness. Supernatural forces – and not necessarily the good kind – start haunting her and her family, but she seems to be the only one who realises. Does she imagine things, or are evil spirits, indeed, trying to take control over her life and bring her to an untimely end? This movie will keep you on edge until the very last moment.

The Babadook
With eerie strangeness, The Babadook is a fairy tale about a bogeyman who invades the private lives of a young widow and her young son. As the heroine tries to keep her life together, the troubled boy’s imagination begins playing tricks on the family, and The Babadook, is for once, not just the figment of someone’s imagination, but a genuine horror the mother and son have to deal with.

Rosemary’s Baby
Rosemary is about to have a baby, and everything looks quite alright until she realises that things are somewhat out of the ordinary. Her neighbours, in fact, everyone around her is acting strange as she gets on her with pregnancy, and the reason is just as nefarious as you can expect – a Satanic cult welcoming the arrival of the antichrist. Rosemary dismisses the idea altogether, of course, but is she right to do so?

Donnie Darko
Forget about the cheap special effects and goofy plots. A horror movie needs not to be gory to be terrifying and instil scare right to your very bones. Donnie Darko is a troubled young man who lives two alternative timelines – one of a future that brings death and destruction to everything and everyone around him – and one where he is a martyr in which he faces a tragic end, but everyone else lives on. And all of this against a backdrop of a supernatural force that haunts Donnie Darko and serves as a constant reminder of his yet uncommitted sins.

The Shining
The Shining may be an oldie, but it’s a flick you absolutely must-see. It has all the ingredients of a perfect horror movie this Halloween. A family travels to a remote hotel to serve as the caretakers in the winter offseason. But soon, the hotel begins to play tricks on them.

The father is soon assaulted by a supernatural force that takes control over his action and pushes him into insanity. The boy sees the ghosts of the past who have suffered a tragic faith, and now – he has to escape one himself.

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