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8 superhero comics that can be used to make cool horror movies

Posted on: November 17th, 2022

We confidently declare: horror is one of the main genres of the decade. It is not the first year that horror films have been crowding comedies, blockbusters, and iconic franchises at the global box office. But how about fantasising about horror in a superhero entourage?

Batman: The Cult
Sounds like the title of the new season of “American Horror Story,” right? By the way, Ryan Murphy could quite pull such a plot. “Cult” with Batman is a mini-series of comics, episodes in which you can really make a good horror series.

Batman in this story is first kidnapped, and then they begin to brainwash him. Even after getting out, Bruce can’t get rid of the horror and influence that the Cult had on him for a long time.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Yes, the comic has already had a film incarnation. I think you also didn’t miss the continuation of the franchise with McAvoy and Fassbender. But we are talking about horror here.

The original comic is much darker than its film adaptation. Mutants are really afraid, really fleeing from destruction by robots from the face of the earth. And the intensity of passions will be fiercer. So if someone thinks of a new incarnation of “Days” on the big screen, then it is impossible to do without horrors in it. In case somebody is looking for magazine writer jobs and has good imagination why not try himself in screenwriting for the new horror?

Doom Patrol
The history of these heroes was quite successfully turned into a series of two seasons. Of course, “Fatal Patrol” is an amateur story, but the very first volume about unusual guys who united to survive in this complex and rejecting world definitely deserves attention. Perhaps, if you really give the plot gloom and tragedy, it would make a good psychological horror.

Batman: Two Faces
There are several storylines in the comic, which makes it really a novel with a capital letter. The horror “Batman: Two Faces” can be made into a whole series, because there is a lot of material for a cool story in it. As you might have guessed, Batman’s opponent in this part was Two-Faced, whose cruelty and cunning can only be compared with the machinations of the Joker.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night
A few years ago, zombie horrors experienced a rebirth, but most of them are no longer the same, you must admit. I would like to see something new… For example, the resurrection of the Green Lantern franchise in a non-standard interpretation. Yes, the theme of the walking dead has not bypassed this character.

There is a lot of drama in this comic, a lot of aliens, and a lot of superheroes turned into space dead. Still, Ryan Reynolds for the main role and – definitely! – Zombie Super. Oh, the magic mixture!

Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1: The Hunger (Venom)
Any plot with Venom a priori will be creepy, but in this comic, the horror element is elevated to a pedestal. Venom in “Hunger” is not just an alien creature, but a real child of the Lovecraft universe. On the screen, it would look even more creepy, and a well-written script with a focus on the plot of the novel would make such a horror a real hit.

Black Panther’s “White Light, Black Heat”
This is the only Black Panther comic that writer Reginald Hudlin has worked on, but the same story could well be an exciting horror movie about the King of Wakanda. There are elements of fiction in the novel that give the plot a scientific twist. The company of the Black Panther in his fight against evil here was Luke Cage, Monica Rambo, and, attention – the very Blade, the vampire hunter. Yes, the Panther is fighting vampires in New Orleans, the capital of American mysticism.

Batman R.I.P.
As you have already realised, Batman’s adventures can be turned into a whole horror franchise. We conclude this list with the arch “Batman R.I.P.”, in which a man in a bat suit, perhaps, faces the worst trials in his legendary life. If the film had preserved the entourage of illustrations from Tony Daniel and the tragedy of Grant Morrison’s pen, then we would hardly have passed by such a horror.

You will not get spoilers, but here is one interesting point: in one of the episodes, Bruce Wayne will have to experience all the delights of claustrophobia while being in a straitjacket.

It will not be a mistake to say that now it is time for horror. It seems that fear is one of the basic human needs along with food and sleep, for some reason not inscribed by the psychologist Maslow on any of the steps of his famous pyramid. How else to explain the inexplicable craving of people – of all nationalities and ages – to experience it again and again?

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