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8 Horror Movies With the Most Unpredictable Plot

Posted on: May 23rd, 2021

There are many ways to get thrilled. For example, you can try bungee jumping, place bets on, or watch a horror movie. These films have the most unpredictable endings.

Insidious, 2010
The action begins rather trivially: the family moves into the house, strange things start happening, a child falls down the stairs and is plunged into a state of coma. Then, however, the most interesting part begins. What is this ghost of a creepy old woman who won’t show us her face in any way? Isn’t going into the astral dangerous if spirits are fighting over the body? The ending is chilling. It would be scary to turn around afterward.

Jeepers Creepers, 2001
Brother and sister Darry and Trish go on vacation to their mother’s house in a small outback town. But on their way, they accidentally run into a stranger in a wide-brimmed hat, who was carrying in his car some blood-stained packages. Curious as they were, Darry and Trish decided to see what was in those bloody packages. That’s all the stranger wanted.

The Mist, 2007
Although this horror film is an adaptation of Stephen King’s famous short story, the writer himself was puzzled by its overall bleakness. The plot is standard: people who have come to the supermarket to shop are taken by surprise by a thick fog that covers the entire neighbourhood. Creepy creatures move in it – those who have entered the fog will not come back out.

The Skeleton Key, 2005
A horror composed of intricate plots about hoodoo magic, racism, and ghosts pours into a spooky story that, with every minute of timing, is ready to surprise you with unexpected twists and turns. Caroline, the main character, takes a job as a nurse to an elderly invalid, Ben Devereaux, and moves into his mansion. Devereux’s wife gives her a key to all the doors. However, through her curiosity, Caroline unknowingly opens the ghosts a “door” to the real world. And they seize the opportunity to return no matter what.

Oculus, 2013
The main characters lost their parents early. They were driven insane and taken away by a mystical mirror that caused the adults to have obsessive, paranoid hallucinations. Tim had to spend 11 years in a psychiatric hospital for treatment, while Kaylie spent the entire time studying the mirror, which changed owners year after year, and trying to understand its mysteries. When Tim finally returned home, Kaylie, who had repossessed the mirror, suggested to her brother to destroy it, and before that she documented everything this mystical object did with the help of video recordings. Needless to say, the spirits living in the mirror have no plans “to be destroyed” and are ready to play with Tim and Kaylie again?

Dead Silence, 2007
Jemmy and Lisa decide to start their life together with a clean slate by settling in a deserted town. The locals, however, don’t give them a break, telling them about all kinds of ghosts that supposedly haunt the place. When Lisa is killed, Jammy becomes the main suspect. It is then that the protagonist, determined to conduct his own investigation, begins to believe at least one of the local creepy legends – that of ventriloquist Mary Shaw, who was brutally murdered by an unknown person. It seems that Madame Shaw has found the strength to come back from the dead to exact her revenge.

Enemy, 2013
It may seem to some that a thriller with hints of horror, Enemy, may be superfluous on this list. But there are notes of depression and paranoia quite clearly and persistently felt in the atmosphere of this film. There are no screeches and no blood. But the ending justifies the mention in the article. The protagonist Adam, having rented a comedy with a title that says nothing, discovers that one of the actors looks too much like him. It would seem a funny coincidence, but Adam decides at all costs to find a doppelgänger. This search, mainly directed inward to himself, drives him mad, but he can no longer stop. The metaphysical darkness spreads like cancer and devours his life.

The Descent, 2005
If you want to see a really scary and non-trivial horror film that makes you stare intensely into the darkness and react with apprehension to every rustle behind you, check out The Descent. In the story, several girls who are passionate about exploring caves in the mountains find themselves trapped underground after a rockfall. The only way out is to go forward, into unexplored offshoots of previously explored grottoes. Soon they discover that someone is accompanying them in the impenetrable darkness. There are many of them, and they are in no mood to help the girls find their way out.

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