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8 Horror Films for a Student Movie Night

Posted on: September 11th, 2021

Do you plan to gather friends at your place for a movie night? Looking for a movie that can make them talk about your party all weekend? A horror movie will do then. Romantic comedies, dramas, or fantasy may not serve everybody’s taste. Horror movies, however, usually have the expected effect on everyone at the party.

So, how about choosing the best horror movie for your movie night with us? Leave your essays to professional essay writers from EssayWritingService and let’s go and see what the industry has in store for you. We bet you’ll be surprised by a variety of choices.

Here we go!

Veronica, 2017
A movie that takes place in the Catholic school for girls is definitely something that will make you and your friends scream in horror. A few girls slip away from their religious school to take part in a ritual related to a total solar eclipse.

Veronica, one of the girls, who has recently survived her father and is grieving, has a leading role in this séance. She has recently discovered her obsession with spirits, but it soon turns into a demonic possession dangerous in every aspect.

Carrie, 2013
Probably one of the most well-known creations of Stephen King is a tender girl, Carrie. She’s been bullied so much at the high school that soon, there was nothing left of this tenderness.
The problems this exaggerated movie highlights are very common for modern high schools:
* cyberbullying;
* overprotective parents;
* compulsion;
* self-harm, etc.

Despite being so close to real life, let’s remember that to shoot this film, 1,000 gallons of fake blood were reportedly used.

The Moth Diaries, 2011
This is again a horror movie shot in an all-girls boarding school. After the tragic loss of her father, the main heroine comes to this school and even makes friends with girls there.

Next year, a new girl comes. She’s been associated with mystery and strange behavior. Inexplicable dark occurrences become common as soon as this girl settles in the school. Soon, everyone becomes aware of the existence of female vampires, and the movie becomes really dark.

Jennifer’s Body, 2009
Even though this movie didn’t receive much on its opening weekend, it’s still believed to be a cult classic for many feminist horror movie fans.

The whole story circles around a young girl who was a victim of attempted virginal sacrifice that went wrong. She turned out to be non-virgin and now has to feed on flesh to stay alive. Even though the scenario is easy to guess, Amanda Seyfried saves the situation.

Death Bell, 2008
If you want to add something even creepier to your movie night, consider watching Korean or Japanese horror movies. For example, Death Bell is a great example of Korean horror cinematography.

The plot circles around students of a high-esteemed high school in Seoul. The environment is very competitive that pushes students to commit violence to one another. At the same time, the movie is full of supernatural and psychological moments that make it even creepier to watch.

The Woods, 2006
As a tough teen, a girl is sent to a boarding school by her parents. The school, however, is far from being normal. The girl lacks companionship, but when she finally befriends a girl there, it turns out that her new friend is full of mysteries.

The main heroine starts hearing voices and gets to believe that this school is full of witches. She is now determined to save herself, but it’s unclear if she is even able to save herself from being a victim of another horrible crime.

Split, 2016
If you love Anya Taylor-Joy, you’ll be interested in learning about her professional path from a horror movie to dramas and TV series. Her talent emerged in a horror movie called Split where she played the leading role.

The movie is all about psychology and crime. A psycho kidnaps several high school girls. He suffers from a severe dissociative identity disorder, so they have to handle a few of his personalities. Who’s going to live or die depends on the psychological game all of them play.

Scream, 1996
If you don’t mind some classic horror films, then you’d better choose Scream for your movie night. Even though there are lots of new movies with special effects that can scare you from the very first moments, Scream remains on the top of all horror movie lists.

The whole movie is about a serial killer who stalks teenagers, plays mind games with them, and then gets them murdered. It can terrify the audience, getting more and more chilling minute by minute.

This is a very modest list of several most well-known horror movies you can choose for your movie night. It, however, can be extended to include several dozens of other titles.

The horror movie industry continues to grow. It has made several movie directors rich and famous. Many people can’t explain their love of horror movies. However, most certainly, it lies somewhere in a wonderful mixture of the psychological, supernatural, and unrealistic. It all makes watching horrors much more chilling.

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