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6 Ghost Hunting Equipment You Can’t Go Ghost Hunting Without!

Posted on: December 28th, 2019

The world of ghost hunting is a very interesting one. This hobby has attracted many people from varying backgrounds of religious faith, scientific experience and general curiosity. The hobby, and sometimes a career, of ghost hunting has allowed us to explore the applicable side of the question of ghosts existence. For anyone that is just as curious as to the existence and wants to become a ghost hunter, there is no relevant experience needed to try and answer the question of the existence of the paranormal. You will need some very important equipment if you want to try and prove once and for all, that there are ghosts.

These 6 pieces of ghost hunting equipment are necessary for anyone that wants to get out and explore the world of the paranormal:

1. EMF Reader
An EMF (Electromagnetic Field) reader is one of the most valuable tools you can own when it comes to ghost hunting. This reader and detect the electromagnetic fields, which are present almost everywhere on Earth, and any changes that may occur. EMF variations are one of the biggest signs that a ghostly presence is active near you, so knowing that you can monitor this will allow you to track anything in your immediate area.

2. Headlamps and Flashlights
Before I get too ahead of myself, headlamps and flashlights are another vital tool to keep on you. You will likely be exploring around in pretty dark or dingy areas (disclaimer: keep safety in mind before exploring) and light will be hard to come by. Having a handheld flashlight will help you navigate around. For even more manoeuvrability, a headlamp will free up your hands so you can use your other equipment.

3. Digital Audio Recorders
One of the crucial pieces of ghost hunting gear you will want to carry around is a digital audio recorder. These handheld audio recorders are useful for taking down notes while speaking and picking up any sounds you may encounter. The reason why digital audio recorders are important paranormal equipment is because of the fact that not all ghosts or spirits will be visible through physical interaction, and the audio playback can reveal something we may have missed in our exploration. Audio recorders are small, lightweight, and can vary in price depending on your budget. Although it is recommended you read up a little on product reviews just so you can make a choice that fits your needs and budget.

4. Security Cameras
If you plan on staking out an area or building for a long time, but do not want to stick around, or can’t stick around, for the duration of the surveillance period. Using security cameras can let you set them up in discrete locations around an abandoned or haunted house so you can monitor a large area and go through the footage afterwards. Most security camera packages come with a collection of sizes and styles of cams you can place in your intended location.

5. Handheld Camcorder
If security cameras aren’t your style and you would like to be more involved in the ghost hunting process, a handheld camcorder is the obvious choice. Many camcorders have gone down in price because of the abundance of phone cameras, but camcorders offer much more options and versatility. Some features to look for are comfort, if you are doing a lot of exploring, weight and size for the same reasons, as well as infrared/night-vision. Infrared and night-vision features are some of the most important because they will allow you to see the hardest to catch paranormal phenomena in the darkest of locations.

6. Thermometer/Temperature Monitors
Temperature or digital thermometers can detect drastic changes in a room’s hot or cold readings. Using FLIR monitors to thermally image a room can show you when a paranormal entity has entered. Usually this is indicated in drops of temperature, which is able to be monitored through these temperature monitoring instruments. Some are handheld camera style, while others can be attached to your phone. Not the cheapest tool, but it is one of the handiest you can have and is able to detect paranormal activity like no other.

When you are embarking on an adventure in the hopes of catching or monitoring paranormal activity, there is no other more important equipment ghost hunters can have. Electromagnetic field readers, headlamps and flashlights, digital audio recorders, security cameras, handheld camcorders and temperature monitors are all valuable tools which serve their unique purposes to help you catch a ghost or explore the trickiest and spookiest locations. This gear is sure to help increase your ghost hunting potential and lead to some worthwhile adventuring.

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