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5 of The Scariest Horror Films Starring Kids

Posted on: December 20th, 2021

We are sure you all might have experienced a chill run up your spine every time you watched a horror film involving kids. To take the thrill to the next level and help you fall in love with horror movies, we are here with the top five scariest ones you must watch!

The Bad Seed
The 1956 movie is going to scare you to death. Rhoda Penmark has done a fantastic job and has become the queen of all horror child movies since the 50’s thanks to her outstanding performance in the film. It talks about the journey of a sweet-looking, typical eight-year-old. Just like every average child, she has a rival at school too. But the twist here is that the opponent mysteriously dies, and Rhoda’s mom suspects that she has something to do with it. Moreover, the plot revolves around the child’s mother going through some severe nightmares despite having it all.

Her ideal daughter isn’t so excellent after all. Her merits include stealing, lying, and much worse! Only Rhoda’s mother, Christina, is aware of it. Guess that justifies her suspicion! You will fall head over heels in love with the twists and turns the movie goes through. Every character has something unique to offer, and boy, are you in for a ride while watching.

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The Good Son
Let’s journey back to the 1993 children in horror movies to see how far we have come! The Good Son stars Macaulay Culkin, who gained fame after his fantastic performance in Home Alone. Yes, from a comedy to a thriller, the boy was quite versatile.

The story of The Good Son revolves around a young boy named Mark who is sent to live with his uncle and aunt when his father leaves for a business trip. There, the boy meets his cousin, Henry, who is of the same age, and they get along well until Mark uncovers the true nature of Henry’s violent and pathological behavior. It is a chilling tale. It is good enough to make you realize what a perfect thriller is and how some people are just born as pure evil!

The movie is all about Mark realizing the grave danger his family is in and his efforts to protect them all. If you don’t watch this one, you will be missing out on a significant chunk of a scary experience. Instead of delaying it too much, make sure you have some time on your hand and watch the film as soon as you can!

The Omen
If you are a scary movie fan, then The Omen should be on your list. It will take you away in its world, and you will feel like you are in the horror world of scary children. Let’s take a deeper look into the plot of the film now.

So, the film revolves around a couple that has everything one could wish for. They have a great house, and the husband, Robert, is the Ambassador to Great Britain in the 1970s. The couple soon starts longing for a child after his wife has a stillborn child. A priest goes ahead and suggests Robert take a newborn child from the hospital whose mother just passed away during childbirth. Robert happily does so without informing Katherine, his wife.

They name the boy Damien, and as he grows up, strange things start happening. His first nanny hangs himself, and the priest warns Robert that his adopted son is an evil reincarnate and he has made an enormous mistake bringing the boy into his life.

After other deaths and murders occur around Damien, Robert starts getting suspicious. The plot revolves around his dilemma and efforts to solve mysteries and ways to get rid of the child deemed as the son of Satan.

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Let the Right One In
Have you ever been obsessed with romantic vampire tales? Well, it isn’t all roses and flowers in the world of vampires, and that is precisely what this movie is here to show you! It is one of the most exciting child horror movies. The plot is about Eli, who is very friendly to everyone, including her neighbor Oscar. She is pretty warm and caring.

However, sometimes not everything one sees is reality. She turns out to be a ruthless vampire who would do anything and everything to get blood. Oscar was lucky enough to escape her and to be on her nice side, but other people did not have the same luck as him in the neighborhood.

Here are some reasons that will make you want to re-watch this movie:

  • The twists and turns in the plot;
  • It is comparatively a recent horror film from 2008;
  • The female lead is one of the scariest children in horror movies;
  • The characters are portrayed perfectly;
  • It revolves around vampires who are now quite popular;
  • It isn’t very comforting.

Instead of wasting time thinking about it, you should go ahead and set up your movie room and sit down with some popcorn to enjoy this one.

Village of the Damned
Haven’t we all been obsessed with aliens at some point in our lives? The Village of the Damned is a movie that came out in 1995 to capitalize on this obsession when it was new!

It featured many horror movie kids as the plot was about a group of ladies who gave birth to strange alien children. You need to focus on the story to understand where it goes; Otherwise, you will just be lost. Of course, it takes much understanding of what’s happening to understand the strange powers of the children when they grow up and how insidious they can be!

The film then focuses on what can be done to stop these evil kids and the people’s efforts to control them. You should never miss this one because it is filled with thrill, excitement, and jump scares.

The bottom line here is that you must watch all of these films if you are a horror movie fan. For some time, they can even make cute children frightening you! so make sure you don’t give up on this fantastic, scary, and thrilling experience.

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