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5 Horror Games That Will Make You Scared Of Schools

Posted on: January 16th, 2023

Many horror games use a standard list of locations where the story takes place. Most often, it will be a hospital, psychiatric clinic, orphanage, or school. And if everything is clear with the first mentioned places, since hospitals frighten even adults, what can we say about children; why schools can cause fear and panic can be quite difficult to explain and understand. On the other hand, if you read the statistics on how many percent of people don’t have any positive memories of school, you’ll be surprised. For some, the real torture was homework, solving equations in mathematics, problems in physics and chemistry, and writing an essay. For many students, essays are the biggest nightmare. Thanks to the development of various online services, at the moment, students can more or less easily solve the problem of lack of time to complete a huge number of written assignments. For example, you can use and be sure that within the specified time frame, you will receive a written essay of high quality and in accordance with all requirements. But for many people, bad memories of school are not related to homework but to relationships with teachers and classmates, not having friends during school, bullying, and many other reasons. Perhaps that is why the authors, remembering their childhood fears, transfer the plot of the games to schools. Here are some of the most interesting.

1. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
White Day is an Asian-style 3D horror adventure game originally published by Sonnori, a Korean developer, back in 2001. The main action takes place in Yeondu High School, a place filled with legends, mysteries, and ghosts. The main character, the most ordinary schoolboy, is locked up in this school and tries to escape from the crazy watchman and other supernatural creatures that surround him. But he cannot do it alone but has to do it with one of the four schoolgirls who, like him, are locked up in this school. You won’t see a lot of cruel scenes, blood, or some body parts lying randomly in this game. The game gives insight into Korean culture and Chinese Taoism philosophy. Even in the title, you can see the cultural reference as White Day is a holiday celebrated in Korea, Japan, and China on March 14th when guys give candy to the girls they like.

2. Silent Hill
The survival horror game series Silent Hill was produced by the Japanese company Konami and gained immense popularity around the world and, in particular, in the United States. According to the game’s producer, they wanted to capture the feel of a classic American horror film, inspired by the work of David Lynch and his work on the Twin Peaks series. To create an image of the fictional town of Silent Hill, the creators even traveled to the United States to collect information and returned with a considerable number of photos. The game became so popular that comic books, books, and feature films were released. In the first part, the main character Harry Mason is looking for his missing daughter Cheryl in this strange and mysterious place. The first main location where events will unfold will be Midwich Elementary, the first major dungeon in the game. It is here that the player begins to get acquainted with the history that took place in the city.

3. Outlast 2
The authors of this game are Red Barrels, who released Outlast 2’s in April 2017. This is a survival horror video game, and the action mainly takes place in a small village in the canyons of Arizona. The protagonist Blake Langerman is trying to find his wife, who was kidnapped by representatives of the local cult. During his search, Blake reminisces about his childhood experiences when he, Lynn, and their friend Jessica went to the Catholic high school St. Sybil’s. Jessica dies under mysterious circumstances, and perhaps the priest from the school is to blame. That is why, throughout the game, we can see how, in hallucinations, the image of a hanged Jessica and a monster that resembles a distorted image of a priest often haunt the protagonist.

4. Detention
Detention is an adventure and survival horror video game. It was released in 2017 by the Taiwanese company Red Candle Games. In the original language, the name of the game sounds like “Back to School”, which, in fact, gives us the opportunity to understand where the action will take place. The events of the game take us back to the 1960s, during the period of the White Terror. You will control two characters who ended up in an abandoned Greenwood High School and are trying to get out of there. The school is full of monsters called “the lingered”. Your characters cannot fight monsters; they can only try to avoid encounters by holding their breath. During the game, you must collect various items and notes that can clarify what happened at this school.

5. F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin
In one of the levels of this horror game, the protagonist Michael Becket, a Delta Force operator, arrives at Wade Elementary School, officially a facility for gifted children, but actually, it is used as a genetic experimentation facility for Project Paragon. It’s probably one of the scariest levels in the game because everyone who was in that building turned into Spectres after the explosion.

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